Rooms with a View – Part 5

Welcome to Part 5 of my ‘Rooms with a View’ crochet-along blanket which I’ve designed for King Cole!

It’s border time!! 😄

And our border is like blinds or shutters letting the light through into our rooms….

I love the effect of these rounds which I feel frames our blankets beautifully….

It’s been absolutely amazing to see lots of you keep up with the instalments each week, and seeing all the progress photos is simply wonderful!

Here’s this week’s round-up which I always love putting together… 😍

The photos are being shared in either the King Cole Facebook Group:

The Coastal Crochet Facebook Group:

Or over on Instagram

We have some amazing personalisations on the views, the joining has also begun and seeing photos from people who are only just starting out is always great to see! The pattern is available indefinitely so please don’t feel any pressure to keep up…😄

The pattern with Part 5 is now available over on the King Cole website: Remember there’s the King Cole Facebook Group too:

In Part 5 we start the border and we’ll be spending 2 weeks doing the border. There are 15 rounds in total and crocheting all around our blanket 15 times will take sometime…😄 So we’ll do half of the border this week and then half in our final instalment next week.

Enjoy it and do it at your own pace! This border is mindful crochet with soothing repetitive stitches and oh how I adore the finished result…

The stripes created are like shutters or blinds framing the window in our room and letting light through…

I spotted these blinds in a street when walking back from a Jack Johnson concert in London last night. I love it when I see things out and about that reflect my crochet of the moment! 😄

My views this week have indeed been filled with music! For birthdays and Christmas gifts last year we gave each of our big kids tickets to see different concerts. For Morgan it was Hans Zimmer at the O2, for Bronwyn it was Harry Styles at Wembley and for Rowan it was Jack Johnson at the Apollo in Hammersmith. All in London, and just like buses they all came along at the same time and were in the same week!

I’m honoured that they were happy to take me along as their plus ones. Here are a few photos from 3 very different concerts, in 3 very different venues, with 3 very different artists, 3 very different big kids as company and ultimately 3 very different days!

Hans Zimmer Live was incredible…

Harry Styles was so much fun – the crowd is always hugely colourful and there was lots of crochet to be spotted!

We travelled up with friends and one of the girls (who’s only 15) had crocheted her own ‘Harry Styles’ cardigan as well as one for her frog!! I love it so much…

Here’s Bronwyn modelling the cardigan… it was simply too hot to wear it for any longer than a quick photo opportunity!

Although we did spot one being worn in the crowd… 😃

Bronwyn made a scarf from my Seaside Stash Busting Blanket pattern and wore that instead… it looked great!

I even got to crochet whilst waiting for the music to start. Here’s my Causeway Coast blanket in progress at a Harry Styles concert! 😁

Finally, yesterday evening we enjoyed a Jack Johnson concert which was a delight. I love his music and the concert felt so cosy and cheerful. The Hammersmith Apollo venue with its stunning Art Deco style reminded me a little of the stripes in our borders too!

Wow… what a week! I definitely need to catch up on some sleep… 🥰

Happy Crocheting Everyone! 😄


  1. Thank you very much! I learnt a lot. I am trying to keep up with every week , but then , keep reminding myself that I am not in a competition 😁

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