Seaside Stash Busting Blanket – Week 27


It’s Week 27… wow! And this week we start with a couple more rows of Granny Stitches before yes, the bobbles are back! 🙂 And this time my bobbles are like floating buoys at sea…


These buoys obviously have a hugely practical purpose but I do like the look of them too… we have found many washed up on our local beaches over the years and now have quite a collection at home in the garden… here’s the very photo that kickstarted my ‘Crochet Along’ idea and you can see some buoys there… 🙂 🙂


Before we get onto this week rows, here’s the usual round up from Instagram


Lots of people are still just starting out with this blanket which is fantastic and there are a couple of finishers too! Kath @spiritawaycrochet has finished her gorgeous smaller blanket and look at what Mary @merry_paws has done in the middle photo  – turned her version into an AMAZING Yarnbomb!  There are more photos of it over on her Instagram if you want to see it in it’s full glory!IMG_6956

So we start this week with 2 more rows of Granny Stitches. At the end of row 113 we joined with a new colour but DID NOT made a turning chain. Remember it’s UK crochet terminology (ss=slip stitch).


Row 114 1ss in next space, 3ch (counts as first st), 2tr in same space, continue with 3tr in space between each 3tr group to end, including final space between the last 3tr group and the last single tr st, join with a new colour at end of final st, 3ch, turn (60 x 3tr groups, 180 sts)

Row 115 Miss 2 sts, 3tr in space between each 3tr group to end, miss 2 sts, 2tr in final st, 1ch (you may want to put a stitch marker in this ch so it’s easier to recognise as a stitch when crocheting back into it later), turn (59 x 3tr groups with 1 tr at start of row and 2 tr at end, 180 sts)IMG_6959IMG_6960

Here’s how to ‘Make a Bobble’ (MB) by completing all the following in the same stitch: join a contrasting colour yarn by putting it *yarn over hook (yoh), insert hook into st, pull contrasting yarn through to front, yoh, pull through 2 loops, repeat from * 4 times (you should now have 5 contrasting colour loops and 1 main colour loop on hook), pull main colour yarn through all the loops on the hook (1 bobble made), continue with main colour, push bobble towards front of work, carry contrasting colour yarn along behind work and crochet next stitches around it to bring it along invisibly behind the work.IMG_7124

Row 116 (The right side of the work is facing so the bobbles are pushed towards you) 1dc in next 2 sts, 1 MB, 1dc in next 5 sts ensuring you crochet around contrasting colour yarn to bring it along invisibly behind the work, continue with (1MB, 1dc in next 5 sts) to end finishing with 1dc in last 2 sts (after final bobble made), 2ch (counts as first htr of next row), turn (30 bobbles)


Row 117 1tr in next st, continue with (1dtr, 1tr, 1htr, 1dc, 1htr, 1tr) and repeat to end, the final st will be a dc, join with a new colour at end of final st, 4ch (counts as first dtr of next row), turn


Have a lovely week Everyone… School holidays are upon us! 🙂 🙂

Happy Crocheting if you get the time… 🙂


  1. Dear Eleanor, I have fallen by the way with my blanket big time but I’ll pick it up again as the cooler weather return in autumn. I just wanted to pop by and tell you as I’ve not been commenting for ages. The blankets are looking wonderful ❤
    Lots of love to you,
    Tracey xx 🌼💐🌸

    1. Hello Tracey… Thank you so much and it’s lovely to hear from you! Absolutely no worries about not being up to date… the pattern will be here waiting for you when the cooler weather returns and whenever you’re ready!! xxx 😊❤️❤️

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