Seaside Stash Busting Blanket – Week 14


Warm sunny weather has finally arrived and yesterday was a glorious day (the warmest April day in England for 70 years so the news told me!) Perfect for a seaside photo of my own blanket…


And I’m loving the calm seas… it’s not often the sea is completely still but it does happen and on Saturday we enjoyed seeing a sea with barely a wave or ripple on the water…

…and that’s what inspired the first two rows of this week – they represent a still calm sea above those pebbles from last week!😊IMG_5046

But first a round-up of blankets shared over on Instagram this week…IMG_5754

The middle photo is taken by Jenni from In my spare time crochet who was in Hawaii! I love the idea of these blankets travelling! 🙂 🙂


So at the end of Row 55 you should have joined with a new colour and made 3ch which counts as the first tr stitch (US dc) of this next row… remember it’s UK terminology. And for our calm seas we’re just doing a couple of rows of simple treble stitches as follows…

Row 56 1tr in each st to end, 3ch, turn (180 sts)

Row 57 1tr in each st to end, join with a new colour at end of final st but DO NOT make a tch, turn (180 sts)

And now we’re going back to Granny Square Blankets and Ice Creams on the beach! And my colours for these next two rows are Strawberry and Apricot Ice Cream – Yum! 🙂 These next rows are a repeat of rows 22 and 23… At the end of row 57 we have joined with a new colour but NOT made a turning chain. This is so we can make a slip stitch at the start of this next row (into the first stitch you would normally crochet into) to get the hook into the right position so that we can then get 60 x 3tr groups in this next row…


Row 58 1ss in next st, 3ch (counts as first st), 2tr in same st, continue with (miss 2 sts, 3tr in next st) and repeat to end missing the final st, join with a new colour at end of final st, 3ch, turn (60 x 3tr groups, 180 sts)

Row 59 Miss 2 sts, 3tr in space between each 3tr group to end, miss 2 sts, 2tr in final st, join with a new colour at end of final st, DO NOT make a tch, turn (59 x 3tr groups with 1 tr at start of row and 2 tr at end, 180 sts)


And that’s another week done! 🙂

Happy Crocheting… 🙂 🙂 🙂


  1. Beautiful photo collage from Instagram. It’s so exciting seeing everyone’s blankets growing each week!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful coastal photos with us, I can almost smell the sea 😁 Loving the granny stitches, make mine peach and vanilla!! Is it wrong wanting it to be Monday already !!! …. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Gez xx

  2. I have only just found this CAL. It was in Crochet Now Magazine this month. I am up to week 4 so far, so have a lot to catch up on. The blankets all look really great! I was hoping to join the Facebook group for this CAL but am waiting to be accepted. I shall try to catch up in the meantime. Thanks.

  3. Lovely to see ends of rows So helpful Really enjoying the blanket Really look forward to Fridays Is that sad?


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  4. All blankets look fab with some great colourways. Go Jenni for taking her crochet travelling, I do that too and some folk think me sad, it’s a great time to crochet when you don’t have any other calling on your time other than to please yourself.

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