A Winter Walk Scarf Crochet Along…

Who would like to join me for a Winter Walk by the sea? I’ve designed a really fun crocheted scarf and will be sharing the pattern as a 12 day crochet-along starting on 24th November. I’d really love it if you came along… 😄

Yes, scarf season has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere!

The timing is perfect… Make a scarf for yourself or simply enjoy crocheting along and then after 12 days you’ll have a gorgeous gift all ready to wrap up and give to someone else at Christmas time… that’s a present sorted!! 😄😊

And if you’ve treated yourself to a yarn advent box with mini skeins of yarn, well then why not use the yarns to make this gorgeous scarf! 🙂

This crochet-along idea is fully inspired by independent yarn dyer Kirstyn from ‘Miss Moffat Yarns’. Last year I purchased a ‘Winter Yarn Box’ from Kirstyn which she had beautifully created, and for 12 days throughout December, each day I unwrapped a 20g mini skein of yarn inspired by a different aspect of a glorious coastal winter walk. I really felt like I was being taken on the most wonderful walk!

I’ve now crocheted those 12 mini skeins into a scarf which I’m super happy with and very excited to share as a crochet-along (CAL). The scarf is long enough to wrap right around your neck at least a couple of times… perfect for keeping warm on a winter walk!

Starting on 24th November and for 12 consecutive days I will share a new part of the scarf pattern. I adored the ‘Winter Walk’ theme from Miss Moffat Yarns and Kirstyn has kindly given me permission to use all the prompts that she used to inspire her colour choices for her yarns.

The exact yarns that I used are no longer available but you’ve got plenty of time to find similar colours if you want to try and match my original scarf…

The skeins wound into the cutest balls and my fabulous hook from Henryettas Hooks! 😍

Throughout the CAL I’ll take you on a coastal winter walk with each day introducing a new part of the walk with a colour and stitch pattern inspired by the theme. At the end of the 12 days we’ll have a really fun and eclectic scarf… I really love it!

I do so love hand dyed yarns from independent sellers (I’ve said that before I know) and many do offer advent boxes with 20g mini skeins. But what to do with all those mini skeins of gorgeous hand dyed yarns?! Well this scarf is a very good option… 😄

Other yarns can of course be used for this scarf too. I crocheted a second, rainbow inspired version using Stylecraft Special DK. Using a DK weight yarn will make the scarf even bigger and super cosy… it’s entirely up to you what yarns you use to crochet along with and make your scarf! It will make a brilliant stash busting project too…

What you’ll need…

For my original scarf I used 12 x 20g (80m each) mini-skeins of 4ply hand dyed yarn (75% Merino wool, 25% Nylon). I used a set from ‘Miss Moffat Yarns’ https://missmoffat.wixsite.com/missmoffatyarns

The yarns I used are no longer available but there are so many different yarns that can be used… have a shop around – that should be a fun part! 🙂 And have a look in your stash… this scarf will be a perfect stash buster!

Just remember that for a thinner, more lightweight scarf, you should use a 4ply yarn weight but for a chunkier, bigger scarf, use a DK weight yarn. Anything larger would probably make the scarf too big!

The finished scarf if using 4 ply yarn measures approximately 210cm x 20cm (83in x 8in). Using DK yarn makes an even bigger scarf measuring approximately 250cm x 28cm (98in x 11in).

Choose bright contrasting colours for a bold striped effect or similar colours for more subtle transitions between the colour changes or a softer gradient – there are so many possibilities and I can’t wait to see the different combinations people will make!

I used a 4.00mm hook with the 4ply yarn to give a lovely drape finish but choose a hook to suit your tension and chosen yarn.

For my larger brighter rainbow scarf I used Stylecraft Special DK in the following colours: Raspberry, Candyfloss, Parma Violet, Violet, Lavender, Cloud Blue, Aster, Turquoise, Sage, Lime, Tomato and Lipstick.

Here I’m wearing both scarves! 😄
I don’t know which is my favourite! 😄

Just like with my blanket CALs the pattern will be published early morning UK time each day and the pattern will be available here on my blog with lots of step by step photos. There will also be a printer friendly PDF version of the pattern to purchase in my Ravelry Store too and this will be updated each day so that by the end of the CAL you’ll have the full pattern in one place.

After the CAL the full pattern will also be available in my Etsy. 😄

I hope you’ll join me and crochet along… 💙 For now, start thinking about your yarn choices and get them ready. And think about who you could make this scarf for – maybe you could make a couple – one for yourself and one for someone else! 😁

And do pop back on the 24th November when the CAL will begin with Day 1!

In the meantime, Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


      1. aspettero’ vorro’ eseguire questo tuo progetto ne son felice…grazie adoro i tuoi progetti ti seguo gia’ da un po’…complimenti per la tua creativita’…ciao

  1. Look forward to this Eleanora, but I will have to use dk from my stash. I have a lot of one that is gradients of a peachy white colour. I wonder how that will look. The only cal I’ve done before is the picnic by the river, where I found you and have since done 2 seaside sunsets blankets and 1 stash buster, which I adored making❣️🧶🥰

  2. I have stash from my sock knitting – can’t wait to join in and use some of it!! Off to sort it and wait (im)patiently for 24th!!

  3. Yes please – I love it. I have crocheted your canalside pattern scarf in 4 different yarns – it is my go to travel project as it has a brilliant flow and ease whilst on a train – and one skein is generally enough. I look forward to this one too 🙂

  4. It’s beautiful Eleonora. What a pretty design and I love the colours. Really hope I can manage to crochet along with you. Xx

  5. Love the scarves. Don’t need them in Florida though. Will crochet along just to see what I learn for future projects. Thanks for more fun.

  6. I have a beautiful light gray tweed DK yarn. I think I will use that yarn to make this gorgeous scarf. I am looking forward to it. Thanks!

  7. Awww. Thank you!! Never done a CrochetALong….so I’m excited. Will you be showing us via video? Or just providing the pattern? Thanx again!

  8. What a lovely idea! Hopefully it will use up all those odd bits of yarn. And time to enjoy planning it. Thank you.

  9. Found the CAL random on wicked Google and wow! I am in! And- The photo in the archway is award winning!! Love it! Maria

  10. Really looking forward to this 🥰 What size hook would you recommend Eleonora if I use DK? I’m thinking bigger than the 4mm to make it lighter looking?

  11. Daft question time: your two scarves are in different types of yarn; 4ply and dk. Does that mean they are different sizes when finished or did you use a different size hook?

    1. Hi Fiona…. I used a 4.5mm with the DK yarn… The finished scarf if using 4 ply yarn measures approximately 210cm x 20cm (83in x 8in). Using DK yarn makes an even bigger scarf measuring approximately 250cm x 28cm (98in x 11in). 🥰🥰

  12. I love all your color combinations for the scarf. Now I need to decide what yarn colors to use. This looks so relaxing and fun! Thank you!

  13. This is exciting. I have raided my stash for some beautiful and colourful wools and am all ready to go for the 24th

  14. Looks a lovely pattern , looking forward to joining in , I’ve found a cake of creative wool degrade , that I’m planning on using , it’s 200g , so I’m hoping it will be enough , thankyou for another lovely cal

  15. I’m using Scheepjes Catona, I’m making mine a bit smaller because it’s not enough yarn for the pattern as is. My sections are not all the same width so I’ll have to block, because on some sections like the Pebbles it’s pulled tighter and ended up narrower. I’m having fun with different colors and different techniques as I go.

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