Postcards with Love – Week 3

Hello and welcome! 💙 It’s Week 3 of the ‘Postcards with Love’ Blanket which I’ve designed for King Cole. And this week we ‘write’ out first postcard crocheting letters created by using the technique of mosaic crochet… Exciting!


And here’s a video postcard from me to you, with plenty of photos and inspiration further in this blog post too… enjoy!

Also, Cottonsoft packs are still available at the Knitting Network:

We’ve had some wonderful progress photos shared this week… I’m in awe of all the creativity! It’s simply wonderful to see so many unique and fun postcards being crocheted…

Over on Instagram:

In the Coastal Crochet Facebook Group:

And in the King Cole Craft Along Facebook Group:

If mosaic crochet is new for you then I can wholeheartedly recommend this book by Esme Crick. A perfect introduction to Mosaic Crochet using the ‘inset’ technique. It’s much easier than it looks I promise!

This week I had the pleasure of visiting a crochet and knitting art exhibition by Kate Jenkins held at Atelier by the Sea called ‘Kate’s Cones’! 🍦

It was an absolute treat to meet Kate and see all her incredible ice creams up close, all created with crochet and knitting.

Kate Jenkins – incredible crochet and knit artist!
At the gallery!
Elton John!
‘Lolly’ Parton!
And a tribute to Amy Winehouse!

What a joy and how it brought a huge smile to my face! 😄

We’ve had sunny days this week…

And after finishing a big commission with over 2000 ends to sew in, I’m now back to crocheting my daughter’s prom dress! I have until 30th June…

On Friday I’m flying to Milan for the International Yarn Bombing Festival… 🇮🇹 I’m hugely exited and I’ll share lots with you once I’m back. For live updates during the weekend make sure you follow my Instagram and Facebook pages. Here’s a sneak peak of my yarn bomb contribution…

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 💙💙💙

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