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My name is Eleonora and I am passionate about crochet! I am half Dutch, half English and live on the south east coast of England with my husband, three fast growing children and a Miniature Schnauzer called Salty.

As a crochet designer and crochet blogger I draw so much inspiration from the sea and coastal surroundings where we live although I can be very versatile in my designs and will happily veer away from the gorgeous coastal colour palette if needed!

Crochet has always been a part of me, it really has! My mother crocheted her own wedding dress in 1974 and I was wrapped in crocheted blankets soon after I was born. I really did grow up in a ‘handmade home’ with little crocheted curtains above the windows made by my mother and grandmother (very popular in The Netherlands in the 1970’s), there were crocheted pot holders in the kitchen, my cardigans and jumpers were knitted, school dresses sewn and toys crocheted!

So it was a natural progression for me to be a crafty person into adulthood…

I have crocheted for many years having initially learnt in my childhood and more recently undertaking the  International Diploma in Crochet  As a result my crochet designs are very varied and I have enjoyed using a variety of crochet techniques including Tunisian crochet, Broomstick crochet and Filet crochet. I love sharing my passion for crochet with others and enjoy teaching and hosting crochet workshops, writing this blog and sharing photos on Instagram and Facebook

I have had many designs published in crochet magazines including ‘Simply Crochet’, ‘Inside Crochet’ and ‘Crochet Now’.

6tag_310117-180558I love crochet! I love how it looks, I love its versatility and more than anything I love to actually do crochet.
A craft I can take anywhere with me and the joy of gradually seeing each stitch transform the yarn in my hands into something beautiful.
I also love to live by the coast and am constantly inspired by my coastal surroundings.

So Coastal Crochet is born…


  1. Hi Eleonora, my name is Jayne and I also live on the coast in Wales. It is a coincidence that I am also doing the international diploma. So far I have submitted 5 swatches and am working on next batch as well as crocheting presents for Christmas. Love your blog

      1. Hi
        Sorry I’m not very good at this. I want to hear about your CAL and I saw you said subscribe to your blog. I’ve looked at it but can’t work out how to subscribe!

        Sorry for being dense! Xxx

      2. Hi Elizabeth… when you’re on the home page of my blog there’s a tab that says ‘Follow Blog by Email’… just fill that in and you’ll get an email each time I publish a new post. If you’re looking on a phone or tablet you have to scroll down a little way. If you’re on a home computer it will be to the right of the screen… good luck! Do let me know if you need anymore help… 😊❤️

  2. Hi Jayne, Thanks for getting in touch, it’s lovely to hear from you! Hope you’re enjoying the course. It’s been really good for me so far, making me crochet in ways I haven’t tried before. My grandfather, whom I never got to meet, came from Wales…😊 stay in touch!

    1. Hello Eleonora,
      Many thanks for the opportunity to join in your CAL Beachcomber rug. It is so beautiful. Soon to finish first square. I also live coastally at Encounter Bay , South Australia. Many congratulations on a fantastic website.
      All the best ,
      Barb Harrington

  3. Just found your blog (you left a message on another well known blog, so I thought I’d take a peek!). I love your crochet and coastal pictures. I like the way you take photos of yarn with the sea in the background 🙂 I didn’t even realise there was a crochet diploma, so I am going to look into that! Keep up the good work (how do you find the time?!).

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate your kind words and am glad you like my coastal crochet.. 😊❤ Finding time is not always easy but because I love crochet so much I do try and make the time whenever I can! 😊 😊

  4. Hi Eleonora, I have only just responded to your message on Instagram – sorry it took me so long – I’m new to Instagram and haven’t got the hang of it yet. I don’t seem to get notifications of comments left. So much to learn!

  5. Hi Eleonora, I am Sue also on the South Coast )in sunny Sussex. I hope you don’t mind I have just started blogging and have mentioned and linked to your blog as I love the idea of the seaside blanket. Love your blog btw!

  6. Hi Eleonora,
    Your blog combines three of my favorite things: Mini Schnauzers, the beach and crochet. I’ve been looking for a crochet Schnauzer applique pattern but I can only find Scotties or Schnauzer amigurumi patterns. Would you either have one or be able to write one? Here is an example of the silhouette:


    I am in the U.S. so we have the “nub” for a tail 🙂
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Layne… lovely to hear from you! We have a love of similar things for sure! Crocheting a schnauzer has been on my to-do-list for ages but I have just never got round to it… I suppose because I was thinking of an amigurumi one. So an appliqué would be fabulous! I do love a crochet challenge so will see what I can come up with – just give me a little time!! 😊😊😊

      1. I can see you are very busy as well as talented, so no rush! I am fairly new to crochet and love making baskets. I wanted to make a basket for Heidi’s dog toys and embellish with a Schnauzer. Also, I saw a really cute garland of Scotties and of course thought of making one of Schnauzers in Christmas colors to string on the tree.
        Salty is adorable! You have inspired me to make the same bandanna for Heidi.
        Thank you!

  7. Is there a way to get the pattern for the coastal crochet without going thru the cal blog? I am not able to find each week

    1. All the weeks are here on my blog… go to the menu and look for Seaside Stash Busting Blanket. Alternatively if you join the Facebook group ‘Coastal Crochet Cal’ then some lovely ladies have uploaded the pattern in whole under the files section.

  8. I’m searching for inspiration to create a wedding gift -blanket or throw – for a friend who loves the sea and is having a beach-themed wedding. So happy to find your lovely blog! Thank you!

  9. HI Eleonora,
    I have jut discovered your webpage and I love the designs that I see.
    One quick question, I live in the United States and I wanted to know your designs or the book 100 Colorful granny squares to crochet are difficult to follow. I know that UK uses some symbols that are different
    Although the way they spelled ‘colorful’ without the u is American.

  10. Hello Eleonora my name is Lisa and I am currently working on the beautiful Marilla the mermaid. I am having a bit of trouble with understanding the first instruction of the tail fin. Could you help me?

  11. Thank you for your quick response. I am having trouble with row 1 for the tail fin where it says 2dc around st to side of row 21, etc. I am not sure how to do this or maybe I am misunderstanding what to do. Thank you

    1. Hi Lisa, it means that you need to go around the post of the stitch at the end of row 21 as you are crocheting into the sides… so crochet 2 dc stitches around the final treble st which is at the end of row 21… then continue along…. there should be a photo in the pattern booklet showing this bit… hope that makes sense! 😊💙

  12. Hi Eleonora
    Many many thanks. I have just completed your beachcombing blanket. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed doing it. All the support tools, patterns, photos and videos meant that it was really easy follow. In these strange times it was wonderful to have such a bright creative project to work on.
    Best wishes

  13. A friend shared your blog on Facebook and I’m obsessed with ocean everything.
    Right now I’m creating an ocean theme for each room in my home.
    The coastal coaster CAL caught my eye.
    I’m beyond excited to see what my own crochet skills can create for my decor with your guidance.
    My grandmother taught me to crochet as a preteen and I’ve been down it for the last 46 years. My grandchildren love my crocheted blankets.
    Thank You for sharing your joy of yarn creations!

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