Postcards with Love – Week 5

Wow! How can it be Week 5 already?! 😄 Welcome to the fifth instalment of the ‘Postcards with Love’ Blanket which I’ve designed for King Cole…💙

And this week I bring you a video postcard from Milan in Italy which I visited last weekend for the amazing International Yarn Bombing Festival… enjoy!

The FREE PATTERN for the blanket is here:

It really is so wonderful to see all the progress photos being shared and the community coming together around this blanket! 💙

Here’s this weeks round-up from over on Instagram:

In the Coastal Crochet Facebook Group:

And in the King Cole Craft Along Facebook Group:

I love the variety of all the blankets being made and the appearance of some blankets out on the beach! 😍

This week we crochet a couple more ‘written’ postcards … this time with the quintessential postcard phrase: ‘wish you were here!

When we think of postcards, ‘wish you were here’ is so often written. 💙 And it’s back to the technique of Mosaic Crochet…

And also this week we have four more corner heart squares to crochet…❤️

It’s been very warm here this week… and I enjoyed a dip in the sea on Friday… 💦

The water was crystal clear and oh so inviting…

I also went to see Harry Styles in concert with my daughter… it was absolutely brilliant! 🎶 The reason I mention it here is because there was so much crochet being worn in the crowd which was wonderful to see…

Can you spot the ‘Harry Styles’ inspired cardigan in the photo below…


Harry Styles wore the original ‘J W Anderson’ designer cardigan back in February 2020 and a photo of him wearing it went ‘viral’ inspiring so many people, including a whole generation of younger creatives, to knit or crochet their own version. The original cardigan was hand knitted and although it retailed for over £1500 the company have since released the original official knitting pattern for free which is just fabulous:

The original knitting pattern was compiled by designer Ruth Herring.
Instagram: @confessions_of_a_yarnaholic

Well my daughter has been inspired to crochet her own. Lots of crochet patterns have been released for this but we’re going to try our own crocheted version so watch this space! 😄❤️💛💚

In the meantime, enjoy your postcards this week and…

…Happy Crocheting! 😃💙


  1. Thankyou for this weeks Postcard With Love , crochet is my passion too, not enough hours in the day at the moment though , I adored the crochet in your video , I was in Leicester Square London last week , it would look amazing if they could do similar , thanks again for your precious time to give us an insight into more beautiful crochet from around the world

  2. Looks like you were in your element in Milan. There were lots of truly amazing pieces 🤩
    Thanks for the postcard, loved it all 🥰

  3. I enjoyed your Milan video so much! I cannot imagine how much time, attention to detail, and talent goes I to the positioning/mounting/placement of these gorgeous pieces. It must take a HUGE number of people to place and then take down these works of art! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us!

  4. Great video really enjoyed watching it I am about to start the postcard blanket it looks amazing thankyou 👍

  5. I don’t normally watch vlogs but all that crochet at the Yarn Bombing Festival was totally amazing. Are some of the larger pieces made by groups of people or do they all come from individuals? Some look as if they could have taken all year!

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