Seaside Stash Busting Blanket – Week 12


Week 12… isn’t it amazing that this blanket has been slowly growing for about 3 months! It’s now becoming cosy as I crochet too… I love it when that happens as you crochet a blanket! It keeps you warm as you crochet away! 😊

Although yesterday I took the photo below… we finally had some sunshine and I’m hoping that warmer spring days are upon us and I won’t need a blanket to keep warm! πŸ˜‰

And here’s this weeks round-up of blankets being made and shared over on Instagram… the middle photo was taken on a beach in Melbourne, Australia! Isn’t that amazing… 😊

So onto this weeks rows and we have 2 final rows of Long Wave Stitch to complete the set of 8 rows… The first two rows for this week are a repeat of Rows 16 and 17 as follows…IMG_4541

At the end of row 46 you should have joined with a new colour and made 1ch which counts as the first dc stitch of this next row (remember I use UK crochet terminology).

Row 47 1htr in next 2 sts, continue with (2tr, 3dtr, 2tr, 2htr, 3dc, 2htr) and repeat to end, the final st will be a htr, 1ch, (counts as first dc of next row- you may want to put a stitch marker in this ch so it is easier to recognise when crocheting back into it after next row), turn

Row 48 1dc in each st to end, join with a new colour at end of final st, 3ch (counts as first tr of next row), turn


And now we’re doing some new rows which are ‘Offset Filet Net’ stitch… I’ve chosen these stitches to represent Fishing Nets as part of the Seaside theme… but if you’re not keen on fishing nets then think of hammocks between the palms on a sandy beach!! 😊😊


Row 49 1tr in next st, *1ch, miss 1 st, 1tr in next st, repeat from * to end, 3ch, turn

Row 50 1tr in first ch-sp, *1ch, 1tr in next ch-sp, repeat from * to final ch-sp, 1ch, miss 1 st, 1tr in final st, 3ch, turn


And that’s it… have a good week ahead and Happy Crocheting! 😊😊


  1. Your blanket is looking stunning ❀
    Lol, I had forgotten it is CAL day…I was probably thinking it was still Thursday…?!? I’m looking forward to getting stuck in πŸ™‚

  2. well that is week 12 done and dusted…the blanket is getting bigger now and is keeping me warm on these cool autumn days as I sit outside and crochet. Love looking at all the blankets that everyone is doing. Love to see everyones wonderful colour combos.

  3. I know I have said it before, but I am loving this CAL. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. The blanket is looking stunning and I am really enjoying not knowing what is coming next. The blankets over on Instagram are looking resplendent and it is wonderful to see all the different colour combinations. It would be awesome to have a real #seasidestashbustingblanket meet up at the beach when it is done! xx

    1. Awww Nicola… it’s so kind of you to take the time to write such a lovely comment! Thank you… and doesn’t a meet up with all these blankets sound amazing!! What a wonderful idea!!! 😊😊😊❀️

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