Festive Joy Blanket…

This may feel a little like buses all arriving at once… another blanket design from me so soon after introducing ‘Autumn Fruits’ last week?! 😄

But it’s a sister blanket… and I’m very happy to say here’s the ‘Festive Joy’ Blanket… 😄🎄

I was asked by the Knitting Network to design a blanket for the approaching festive season (can I mention ‘Christmas’ in October?!😆) using their ‘Emu’ yarns.

At the time I was in the midst of designing my ‘Autumn Fruits’ Blanket so we agreed that I could adapt that design for the festive season… so whilst the stitch pattern for ‘Festive Joy’ is the same as ‘Autumn Fruits’, the colour changes and sequences are different and the border is a little larger too…

The Knitting Network are brilliant at providing full kits with all the yarn plus the printed pattern included and it was felt this needed releasing sooner rather than later to give people time to make the blanket in time for the approaching festive season!

Yarn packs with the pattern are available here and yes, I earn a small amount of commission for each pack sold. There are lots of different ways I earn an income as a Crochet Designer… and this is just one of them!


Thank you as always for your support and encouragement… 🙂

To make it properly festive I wanted the berry stitches to be either white for mistletoe or Red for holly berries, hence the colour changes are different to my ‘Autumn Fruits’ Blanket. And whilst those festive berries are prominent I feel it’s a blanket that can still be used all year round…

I always feel with Christmas themed blankets that it’s a shame they can only come out once a year… but this blanket can be for some ‘Festive Joy’ throughout the year and during all kinds of festivities… it doesn’t need putting away when the decorations come down! 😄

Emu Classic DK is a premium acrylic yarn exclusive to the Knitting Network and it’s really good! Everything you’d expect from an acrylic yarn and it’s perfect for blankets that need to be a little hard wearing.

The ‘Festive Joy’ pattern is due to be in Woman’s Weekly magazine which will be published at the start of November. And the pattern for ‘Autumn Fruits’ will also be available direct from my Ravelry and Etsy soon…

The photos below were taken by the team at The Knitting Network… aren’t they lovely?! So very festive and cosy… 🙂

And of course I have loved taking my own photos too at a few different settings over the past month or so!

Here we enjoyed beautiful fading evening light at Southover Grange Gardens in Lewes, East Sussex…

I couldn’t resist a photo opportunity with these statues!! 😄

Then here we have Boxgrove Priory in West Sussex which provided a stunning backdrop. We were there enjoying a wonderful family walk to celebrate Mr Coastal Crochet’s 50th Birthday back in September… yes my blankets do get around don’t they! 😁

A nearby stunning tunnel of trees!

And look at these indoor photos… this is not my house but I did use an opportunistic moment elsewhere to get these cosy photos… our ‘Festive Joy’ Blanket looked quite at home there in that gorgeous room! 😁

I hope you like the festive version as much as I do… as you can see I’ve made two blankets (Autumn Fruits and Festive Joy) in quick succession and I can honestly say I loved crocheting them both… once you get familiar with the 14 row repeat, it’s really such joyous, easy going crochet, with the colour changes and various sequences keeping you on your toes!

Happy Crocheting Everyone…


  1. I don’t want to purchase the yarn; prefer to source locally in my choice of colors. Will the pattern only be available?

      1. is there a video/step by step photo of how to do the stitches. I’m a visual learner

  2. Hi Eleonora. I have been buying Woman’s Weekly since the edition dated 1st November but have seen no sign of the Festive blanket pattern yet?

      1. Hi Eleonora. I bought the Woman’s Weekly Bumper Special Issue dated 23 November and it isn’t in there. Have I got the wrong magazine?

  3. Hi, I’m in Australia. Just wondering when the Christmas blanket pattern will be available on your page?

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