Waves Cushion Design for Simply Crochet Magazine…


I received some happy post today- my ‘Waves’ cushion which I designed and made for Simply Crochet Magazine was returned to me! 🙂

I haven’t written a blog post about it before now because I didn’t take any photos of the cushion before I sent it off to the magazine team back in March. It appeared in Issue 72 and it was on my hooks many months ago… working to a deadline means I don’t always get the opportunity to photograph the designs before sending them off!IMG_9112IMG_9113

The very observant among you may notice that my name is spelled slightly wrong in the magazine… always a little frustrating but they have apologised! Never mind… 🙂 🙂 It was lovely to have the cushion back in my hands again today and to get reacquainted with it… so I popped down to the beach for a little photo shoot…IMG_9111IMG_9047IMG_9022

And then back in the garden I took some more… 🙂IMG_9002IMG_9007

It’s a design I’m super happy with! 🙂 The design brief was for ‘negative space’ which got me thinking about a waves design…  are the waves blue or are they white?! They are in fact both shades with negative spaces being created…IMG_9008(Edited)

It’s made out of cotton for a cool crisp feel and a simple crab stitch edging keeps the design neat…IMG_7424

And the summer holidays are finally upon us! Yay…IMG_9012

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂


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