Rooms with a View – Part 6

And that’s a wrap! 😄 Not quite sure how we got here so fast, but here we are!! Welcome to Part 6, the final instalment of our Rooms with a View Blanket designed for King Cole!

The end of a crochet-along is always a momentous occasion! We’ve crocheted together over the past 6 weeks, enjoying the same pattern and many of you have shared your progress in the Facebook Groups and over on Instagram. It’s been truly wonderful to see everyone’s blankets in progress! 😍

Blankets all around the world will now be finished and for me, knowing that a blanket I created has now been created many many times more, by people all over the world, never ceases to amaze me!

I want to say a huge thank you to the team at King Cole… 😊 Morgan, Carl and others behind the scenes have worked so hard to help bring my blanket design to so many people. And Joanne’s videos have been absolutely amazing! I know the amount of time these video tutorials take to do so I’m very grateful! A brilliant team have brought this blanket pattern to you all! 👏💙

And THANK YOU to each and every one of you for following along… I’ve said it before but I don’t mind saying it again- it’s the community that comes together around a crochet-along that really makes it special!!

And here’s the round-up of photos shared this week. For me this is always such a lovely part of a crochet-along!

The photos are being shared in either the King Cole Facebook Group:

The Coastal Crochet Facebook Group:

Or over on Instagram

In Part 6 we finish our shuttered effect border… the perfect framing for our Rooms with a View!

The pattern with the final Part 6 is now available over on the King Cole website: Remember there’s the King Cole Facebook Group too:

And there you have it…. As always, the pattern will be available indefinitely so this blanket can be made again and again and again for years to come!

My views this week have been pretty sunny! Summer on the south east coast is in full swing…

We have a ‘New Zealand Flax’ plant in our front garden that has literally spouted into bloom with huge stems of flowers – the birds and bees adore them, particularly the starlings!

We also have a Loganberry bush – we’ve never had so much fruit from it! What a treat to have fresh fruit on tap – we love it!

I also enjoyed a brilliant evening on Tuesday, just along the coast in a town called Worthing, to visit the opening of a new art exhibition by Daniela Gargiulo at the Colonnade House Gallery

Daniela Gargiulo

Yarn friends are the best – I was invited by Susan who works for King Cole and who I met at Yarndale last year. Susan was visiting the area and it was such a treat to meet up!

Each piece you see is a collage created from individual pieces of paper – they are so intricate it’s incredible!

We ended the evening with a stroll along the seafront and I really enjoyed taking these photos…

I’ve hosted a couple of workshops this week too. A beginners class at YAK in Brighton and a ‘Crochet a Jumper’ workshop at Made & Making in Hassocks.

Brighton Pavilion

So it’s been a busy week but a good week- I really hope you too were able to enjoy some good views too!

And there you go! Thank you for reading along, thank you for following along and thank you for crocheting along – it means so much to me! 🥰

Rooms with a View has been a joy…

Happy Crocheting Everyone! 🥰💙


  1. Eleonora, I’ve loved your designs on all of your many gorgeous blankets that you lovingly share with us, and Room with a View is no exception. Thank you so much for generously posting your designs. I wonder if you’d consider making a new design using the flowers and berries, and native shrubs we see in these photos you just posted? I think that’d be a wonderful design to honor your surroundings, and challenge us to stretch our skills!….just a thought 🙂

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