Rooms with a View – Part 3

Welcome to the third instalment of ‘Rooms with a View’ – a blanket I’ve designed for King Cole!

This next part takes us somewhere a little different- we’re going back inside the room and these squares are inspired by ceiling roses…

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I don’t have any ceiling roses in my home but many rooms with views around the world might just have one! Ceiling roses traditionally add an elegant touch to the ceilings of a room…

Let’s take a moment to look inside the room. Maybe it’s plain and simple, maybe it’s colourful, maybe its ultramodern or maybe it’s filled with traditional décor. A bedroom, a living room, or even a kitchen.

These decorative squares are like a ceiling rose in an old hotel room, a vase of flowers in the corner, floral wallpaper or even a stained-glass window!

The pattern is available here on the King Cole website:

But first let’s look at the fabulous blankets in progress being shared in either the King Cole Facebook Group:

The Coastal Crochet Facebook Group:

Or over on Instagram

It’s wonderful to see so many personal touches and you know I always love a photo with a furry friend… 🐾

One of my very favourite parts of a crochet-along is being part of an online community – where people share what they’ve done, ask questions, people help and encourage each other, and there’s that feeling that we’re all connected in such a positive way through our crochet…

I love it! 😃🥰💖

Do keep sharing… 💙

This week the summer sunshine has been in full swing here on the south coast. Here’s a view, not from a room, but from our local cliff tops…

Here’s some views from a boat as our adventurer son Rowan took us out for an evening sail…

And here are a few photos from a beach walk last Sunday afternoon…

I even enjoyed using my own ‘Rooms with a View’ blanket to keep myself cosy and warm on Monday evening whilst sitting outside celebrating my 24th wedding anniversary!! 😄💖

In other news this week, sometimes something unexpected pops through your letterbox, sent by someone who touches you in a wonderful way through their kindness! Justine from Little Box of Crochet sent me this delightful handmade wooden sculpture made by Rachel Pettitt Designs

Isn’t it wonderful?!

There’s sweet little Salty sailing at sea in a little wooden boat- I absolutely adore it and will treasure it! 💙💙💙

It now sits above a beautiful drawing of my dear Dad and Salty which was gifted to me by another dear friend Amanda at Nanny Bears Crochet

Salty and my Dad… 💙🐾

Kind gestures are just the best… 🥰 And crochet friends are wonderful too… 🥰

During our beach walk last Sunday, I took Marilla the Mermaid down for a photo opportunity! I was actually photographing some progress photos of my Causeway Coast Blanket. I’ll share more about that soon – there’s a very exciting announcement about that coming up!! 😄

For now, here I am with Marilla in the sunshine…

The pattern for Marilla the Mermaid is available here: 🥰

I also hosted ‘Crochet and a Cuppa’ this week at Made and Making in Hassocks, West Sussex. Do check out their website if you’re in the area for details on all their amazing classes…

There’s a few that I’m hosting there too in the next few months…

So that’s it for this week! Enjoy the sunshine if it’s shining where you are and enjoy your ceiling roses…

And Happy Crocheting Everyone! 😊💙


  1. Dear Eleanora, how true it is when you talk of a real community amongst crochet and knitting friends from everywhere around this small world. i will always be so thankful for the internet . It has brought us all in touch with the riches gift of all just plain friends and kindred spirits.

    Your part in all of this is simply wonderful. love from Melbourne Australia

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