Rooms with a View – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Rooms with a View crochet-along with King Cole!

What a wonderful start to this crochet-along it’s been, and seeing so many progress photos shared, especially in the Facebook Groups, is simply joyous!

There’s the King Cole Facebook Group:

And the Coastal Crochet Facebook Group:

And here’s a selection of just some of the photos shared in those Facebook groups this week as well as some from over on Instagram

So many beautiful blankets are being made! I hoped that some of you might share your views too and it’s been really lovely to see them. 😄 Thank you for crocheting or for simply following along… Keep on sharing!

PART 2 of the pattern is available now over on the King Cole website here:

And in Part 2 we are crocheting three window views…

We have views of heather on the moors…
Views across the moors with purple moorland heathers covering much of the landscape. In this view the sun is setting and the silhouette of a single tree can be seen…

I really love creating silhouettes…

Dear little Salty! 🥰🐾
My daughter! 😍

In the next view it’s a city view! So many rooms around the world will look out at a view over an urban landscape…

A room with an urban view. A large city, like the New York skyline, or a smaller town or suburban area. A room with a view that is constantly active, constantly changing and very busy!

This square is created using the technique of Mosaic Crochet.

This photo was taken from the Staten Island Ferry in New York back in 2017… A view from the boat!

And our final view in Part 2 is a balcony view across a lake. Perhaps this one might be my favourite! 😄
A room with a balcony and a view across the lake is spectacular! And our balcony is framed with plants in pots creating a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the view…

Here are some photos from a balcony view in Corfu which I was able to enjoy back in 2019!

It was a wonderful place to sit and crochet for a while… 😄😍

I hope you enjoy these three views and remember you can personalise them as you wish – there are no rules and anything goes!

Last week I was out and about with family and stumbled across these windows. Of course they reminded me of our first central window…

Although we’ve had a really cold wind blowing across us this past week, the sun has been shining and here’s a selection of views I’ve enjoyed…

Enjoy your views this week and Happy Crocheting Everyone! 😊💙


  1. Hi Eleonora. It always brings a tear to my eye, seeing Salty. You must miss her dreadfully, she was such a huge personality and like your little shadow. I could see she loved posing for the photos. It is lovely to have all those memories of her. The blanket is beautiful and I hope it will not be too long before I can make it. I think I would like to make this one in both colourways.

    1. Awww… thank you Marilyn! 🥰🐾💙 Yes, we do miss her very much! She’s left such a big hole… we’re finding we’re not going down to the beach as much which is not good! Dogs certainly make us get out and about more…
      But as you say, the memories are precious and we can laugh now remembering some of her cheeky moments! Thank you… xx

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