Rooms with a View – Part 1

And so it begins… another blanket crochet-along which means that so many of you can create a new blanket at the same time as lots of others all around the world! Isn’t that just a wonderful thing… 💙😊

I’ve designed this blanket for yarn company King Cole and the Rooms with a View theme feels like the perfect theme to be sharing as we crochet along together.

I’ve drawn inspiration by views from rooms all over the world for this blanket and I introduce it here:

What is the view like from the room you’re in right now? Is it looking out at buildings? Or looking out a nature? Or a mix of both or something entirely different? Maybe you’re somewhere outside as you read this… so many possibilities as we crochet our Rooms with a View! 😄

PART 1 of the pattern is available now over on the King Cole website here:

And do join their Facebook Group here:

Remember I’ve designed two different colourways for this blanket. We have a ‘lights off’ in the room version with black as the dominant background colour, and a ‘lights on’ in the room version with ecru/cream as the dominant background colour.

In Part 1 of the blanket we begin with View One – ‘Sunrise Through the Window’

A sunrise in a room with a view. Pull back the
curtains or open the blinds and look through the window to see the sky on fire with rich colours as a new day begins…

It’s fun to crochet this large central window and see the grid pattern emerge. I really loved designing this…

And then also in Part 1 we have View Two –

‘Rolling Hills Leading Down to the Sea

I love the simplicity of this view. Of course there had to be a sea view in my blanket and this one is beautiful! There’s a lot of scope for adding to this view as desired. What else can you see through the window? Maybe add some appliqué’s or surface crochet… or keep it simple, it’s entirely up to you!

As always, you can share your progress or ask any questions over in the Facebook groups or over on Instagram! That’s always a wonderful part of any crochet-along… 🥰💙

There’s the Coastal Crochet Facebook group:

And the King Cole Craft Along #CAL Facebook Group too…

Maybe even share photos of a view you’ve seen from a room somewhere today! Enjoy…

And Happy Crocheting Everyone! 🥰💙


  1. I love this idea and hope to join in, but trying to read the materials list – white on a pale background – is currently putting me off as it is so difficult to read without enough contrast. I am going to have to wait for someone to make it clearer for me

  2. Hi,
    I’m not on Facebook, so how can I get the first week’s pattern instructions please? Thanks.
    Kathy B

  3. Hi. I was also wondering where the usual link was for the pdf pattern and video but found it by searching King Cole Rooms With a View CAL. I have only recently finished the Postcards blanket and have yet to take pics. I am currently coming to the end of the Sirdar Coronation blanket so will need a break from blankets but I will download the weekly pattern and follow the progress, It is a lovely design so I want to make it at a future date 🙂

  4. I have just purchased the lights out pack through The Knitting Co. Does it include pattern? I am actually needing a US version. Very excited

  5. Dear Eleonora: I can’t stop gushing about this pattern. Unfortunately, it’s going to have to be on the back burner for me for a while as I’m very busy and trying to get some things done for Christmas! Ha! I have to get started early or I’ll never get Christmas crochet things done. But I can see myself diving in to both Rooms with a View patterns come this fall and winter, and I’ll be so happy to be working on them then. I sent you a “coffee” today just to say thank you. You are so inspiring to this crocheter!

  6. Loved parts 1 and 2 and really enjoyed using the sts I learnt from the diploma so thank you for designing this beautiful blanket 😍 can’t wait for next week 😁 going to try and add a few sailing ships or a couple of dogs? 🤔

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