Introducing Rooms with a View…

I have a new blanket design to introduce… yay! 😃

This is the ‘Rooms with a View’ blanket which I’ve designed exclusively for yarn company King Cole!

It’s a blanket inspired by views from rooms and through windows all around the world! Maybe it’s a view from your home, maybe you’re visiting family or friends, maybe you’re staying somewhere on holiday and it’s a hotel room or maybe it’s a random room with a random view…

Crochet inspired by rooms with a view!

This is the third crochet-along (CAL) blanket I’ve designed for King Cole which I’m really happy about. They really are a pleasure to work with and the Cottonsoft yarn in particular makes the most gorgeous blankets!

The crochet along will begin on 26th May with the pattern available for free over on the King Cole website here:

What kind of view do you love? Quiet and still, natural, colourful or a busy urban view? There are so many possibilities and me being me, there’s going to be a sea view in there of course!

Rooms with a View is a theme I really adore… everyone loves a room with a view don’t they?! And to capture some views in crochet has been an absolute delight… this blanket really has been a pleasure to design and make.

There are two versions with either Black or Ecru as the dominant colour.

I designed the black version first. That’s my original design. It’s so different to my usual colour palette and the colours with the black give a gorgeous stained glass feel.

It was such a joy to see the design grow and develop and I absolutely adore the end result – I really do love it!

Sometimes a design just falls in to place perfectly and this was certainly one of those…

But I know not everyone likes black so I decided to create a version with a lighter background.

And then it came to me- let’s have a ‘lights off’ in the room (with black dominant) blanket, and a ‘lights on’ in the room (with Ecru/cream dominant) blanket.

Oh I love how they’ve both turned out!

The finished blanket measures approximately 115cm x 95cm (45in x 37in) using King Cole
Cottonsoft DK and 120cm x 100cm (47in x 39in) using King Cole Big Value DK.

There are some variations in the colours between using the Cottonsoft and Big Value yarns. Some colours are very similar and share the same colour name, whereas others are slightly different. All the colours have been carefully chosen.

The blankets photographed below are both crocheted in the Big Value DK…

And the one below is crocheted in the Cottonsoft…

King Cole stockists everywhere have yarn packs available. Why not visit your local yarn shop…

Online shop The Knitting Network also have yarn packs and by clicking through the links below I earn a small amount of commission:

Cottonsoft LIGHTS OUT colour pack:

Big Value DK LIGHTS OUT colour pack:

Cottonsoft LIGHTS ON colour pack:

Big Value DK LIGHTS ON colour pack:

I’m really really looking forward to this crochet along. Do join the Facebook Groups too…

There’s the King Cole Craft Along CAL group:

And there’s my Coastal Crochet group:

They are both great online places for us to connect with each other and to share progress photos, ask questions and generally join in with the fun together!

Over on Instagram you can share using the hashtags #roomswithaviewblanket #kingcolecal and #coastalcrochetcal. Do tag me @CoastalCrochet too, so that I can see your photos – that’s always a joy for me…

It’s going to be wonderful to see and hear about all the rooms with a view you might be crocheting in as you make this blanket.

It will be amazing to see your blanket progress photos during the crochet-along taken in rooms with an actual view… I’m really excited about that!

There’s plenty of opportunities in the design to personalise your crocheted views too.

So that’s it for now… we have three weeks to get ready and then we can crochet-along together once more… I really can’t wait! I hope you love this design as much as I loved creating it. Thanks as ever for all your support…

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 😃💙


  1. I have ordered mine individually and can’t wait for the cal to go live, this is an amazing design from you, well done you!

  2. Another brilliant design Eleonora. I think I’m going to be brave and go with the black and treat myself to the Cotton version. Looking forward to getting started and maybe learning some new stitches.
    Thank you for another lovely project.

  3. This is such a beautiful blanket design, Eleonora. The black looks stunning. Well done. 👏🧶😊

  4. I really love this new design Eleonora. Would love to make both colourways. I have only recently finished the ‘Postcards with love’ blanket. Busy with other projects too. Will follow CAL, although i will not get to make it just yet

  5. Just bought my Lights on colour pack, can’t wait to get started on this beautiful design, ready for a new challenge as I’ve just finished the changing tides blanket ( after starting it at the same time as the original CAL 🤭, too many WIPS)

  6. Wonderful, kit ordered, can’t wait, I absolutely loved your Postcard from Brighton 🥰

  7. Such a lovely blanket, i am doing both colourways. I don’t normally do black as a main colour but i am going to give this one ago. Looking forward to starting them.

  8. I’m on your emailing list and I received this email today
    But when I read the comments from others many were dated 4/05/23 ?
    I really love the design and wanted to purchase a pack ( we have No yarn shops in my area)
    Consequently the Cheaper pack was already sold out. I then clicked on the cotton version I had to enter my email address to spin a wheel for a discount…. I got 15% off but no code was left ( it said something went wrong?)
    I’m not complaining but I wanted you to know the problems that I have had
    Dawn x

    1. Hi Dawn… I’m so sorry to read you had problems! I have no idea why the email took so long to get to you. IT issues can be frustrating… I hope you managed to get some yarns… you can crochet along using any yarns you have… 🥰💙

  9. I love all your patterns and finally have gotten up the courage to try one! I was hoping to do Rooms with a View and wondering if it will be possible to get the directions in US crochet terminology?

  10. I have just received my kit from Knitting Network and am looking forward to starting but found no pattern was enclosed. Is this normal and, if so, how do I obtain the pattern? There has always been one included in all the previous kits that I have had.

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