Coastal Dreams Dress…

This brand new crochet design from me that I’m oh so happy with… is a dress!! 🙂 My ‘Coastal Dreams’ dress… 🙂

The pattern is now available over in my Ravelry and Etsy shops…

Here are the links…

Coastal Dreams on ETSY

Coastal Dreams on RAVELRY

This is my very first crocheted dress design which makes it even more exciting! 🙂

Each pattern purchase gives you PDF’s for three sizes (S/M, M/L and XL) as well as both UK and US crochet terminology! 🙂

Coastal Dreams’ is a simple yet beautiful dress designed to be worn over a separate slip dress or over swimwear at the beach. The open lacy stitches are crocheted using the Filet Crochet technique of ‘Bars and Lacets’… perfect for beach to bar cocktails and coastal dreams! 🙂 💙

And it was a huge family effort when we were in North Cornwall a few weeks ago! I’m so very fortunate to have such a supportive family who didn’t mind an early morning visit to beautiful Widemouth Bay beach to take these photos… It was a rather misty morning but we had the beach to ourselves and my daughter modelled with me, whilst one of our son’s, Rowan, did an amazing job with the photography! 😍

He even put together a fabulous video to showcase the dress which I’ve uploaded to my YouTube… enjoy! 🙂

Isn’t it amazing… Rowan has a photography account on Instagram if any of you fancy having some beautiful photos pop up on your feed!

The dress is made using just one ‘Scheepjes Whirl’. However for the medium/large size there is very little yarn left over and it may be necessary to use an additional matching ‘Scheepjes Whirlette’. For extra-large a matching ‘Whirlette’ is essential.

I really do love Scheepjes Whirls which come in huge 220g / 1000m balls and plenty of sumptuous colours! It’s such a gorgeous colour changing yarn and I love anticipating the next colour change as I crochet with them… 🙂

Here they are available at The Knitting Network and it you purchase through this link I receive a small amount of commission… 🙂 💙

Later today (Saturday 29th August 2020) I’m taking part in a virtual Yarn Festival called ‘Yorkshire Yarn Fest‘ over on Instagram and I’m going live for a 15 minute slot from 14.10 – 14.25 to chat about this dress and all things Coastal Crochet. Maybe some of you will join me…Here’s the link to the Instagram page… 🙂

Yorkshire Yarn Fest

The theme of the festival is ‘California Dreamiń’ from the song by the Mamas and Papas… so I did a 15 second ‘Reels’ on my Instagram… enjoy!

The dress is an easy fit and the nature of the open crochet stitches means the dress can stretch and ease over a variety of sizes. The pattern is written for three sizes. Each size can fit a variety of body shapes.
The small/medium size can fit a bust size of 32 – 38 inches (81 – 97 cm) and is recommended for UK size 6 – 12.

The medium/large size can fit a bust size of 38 – 44 inches (97 – 112 cm) and is recommended for UK size 12 – 16.

The extra-large size can fit a bust size of 44 – 50 inches (112 – 127 cm) and is recommended for UK size 18 plus.

We did have fun modelling these dresses on a quiet, misty beach early in the morning!

And Salty was there too of course! 🙂

I hope you love this dress as much as I do… it was genuinely an absolute joy for me to design and crochet and I do so love the colour changing Whirls! 🙂

Happy Crocheting everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. What a super idea for our beach days definitely make this Lovely photos of your with your daughter 😘

  2. It looks like it was a wonderful happy vacation. Oh how I wish I could be at the beach!! I can hardly wait to get started on the dress. Its easy and forgiving. You’re the best!!

  3. Pretty dress but I know the sizing wouldn’t suit me. I used to find when clothes were sold in 10/12 and 14/16 there was no point trying them on as I knew I wouldn’t be happy. I had to hope the sizing included 12/14. As someone whose bust is 39″ your pattern would give the same problem.

    1. It’s a very easy fitting dress and the stitches stretch and ease over a variety of body shapes, hence the wide range of sizes stated in each size… it’s not like a fabric dress which needs to fit accurately. This is a pull on easy fit design with no zips… A size 12/14 would suit the m/l perfectly. I am a size 10/12 and it fits me really nicely with a loose fit… I had someone who is a size 16 try the same dress on and it looked great on her too, not quite as loose but still lovely… that’s the nature of open crochet stitches… very forgiving! 😊💙💙

  4. Got up this morning looking for something to do besides housework. While checking my email I came across your BEAUTIFULLY crocheted dress. Just PERFECT for me and my daughters since I live on a tropical island. I love the effect the color change has on the dress, that will not make two dresses with the same color yarn look exactly the same. Also, a solid neutral color would look great for an evening out. I am definitely going to crochet your creation. Thank you.
    Love your Salty! My family has a Roxy and her daughter, Cindy (mini Schnauzers) and we live them!

  5. I absolutely love your gorgeous beach dress, Eleanora … and it’s so pretty in the Scheepjes Whirl. I’ll definitely be making one for my sunny holidays… Well done to your clever son for making such a lovely keepsake video of you and your daughter together – looks like you had a blast ! xx

    1. Thank you Caraline… the dresses have 3 different sizes… it’s an easy fit dress with plenty of stretch in the fabric so each size has a range within it. The red/yellow one is S/M and I’m wearing M/L but it’s loose on me… there’s also XL… 😊💙

  6. Love these dresses and plan to make one.Can you tell me which colours you used please? There are so many to choose from! Love the photo’s, you both look great x

  7. Hi Eleonora. You have made a beautiful job of the dress pattern. Unfortunately, owing to my age and size I wouldn’t be able to wear it and can’t think of anybody else to make it for. If it was tunic length to wear over a jumper and in very big sizes maybe! I had waited so long for your late summer sunsets blanket kit to come back into stock that I couldn’t wait any longer and in the end I purchased other things to make and now don’t have time or room at the moment to make it but maybe at a later date. Well done for your new design and I always enjoy looking at your photos. Best wishes Marilyn

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