Late Summer Sunsets Blanket…All New Colours!

Update July 2023: The pattern for my Late Summer Sunsets Blanket is now available over in my Ravelry and Etsy shops here:



Original blog post August 2020: It’s been exactly a year since I designed my ‘Late Summer Sunsets’ blanket for The Knitting Network which was available as a yarn pack complete with the pattern… you can read more about it here

And now, in collaboration with The Knitting Network, I’ve crocheted it all over again in all new carefully selected sunset colours using Stylecraft Special DK! And I’m super happy to announce that the new yarn packs complete with the revised pattern are now on sale!

Here’s the link…

I know that lots of people have tried to purchase the old kits but they’ve been sold out for a while so I’m really pleased to be able to bring you these new colours which I’m so very happy with… 🙂

I’ve absolutely loved crocheting this blanket again and it was my perfect holiday project during a recent visit to beautiful Cornwall…

It was such enjoyable and mindful crochet, with the simple stitches used and the colour changes keeping me on my toes… the perfect project for crochet on the go! 🙂

The new colours I’ve chosen are such rich, warm sunset colours and it’s been an absolute pleasure to crochet this blanket again. I crocheted it in 2 weeks… a whole blanket crocheted in 2 weeks is quite an achievement!

For those of you who are on Instagram, I’m taking part in a virtual yarn festival this Saturday 29th August. It involves me going live on the Yorkshire Yarn Fest Instagram page for 15 minutes. I’ll be releasing another brand new design which I’m super excited about plus talking about all things Coastal Crochet. I’ll have this blanket to show you all too if you want to see it. My time is 2.10pm – 2.25pm UK time… 🙂 ❤️

The pattern for my Late Summer Sunsets blanket will only be available with the kit… it’s a blanket I have designed and made exclusively for The Knitting Network so the pattern won’t be available directly from me.

For now I’ll leave you with some more sunset photos… it isn’t until very late summer that the sun will set over the sea once more for us here on the south east coast of England. Something nice to look forward to as the darker days approach… 🙂

We’ve had really good summer weather this year and my family and I have made the most of living so close to the sea… plenty of sea swims, especially during the recent heat wave. I’m not sure I’m ready for autumn yet… but the sunsets will certainly help!

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂 ❤️


  1. It looks a gorgeous make and the colours are wonderful – I’ve just started your seaside stash blanket and I think Late Summer Sunsets will be my next project. Can’t wait 😊

  2. Gorgeous blanket and photography, I keep wanting to go back for another look… I just love those colour contrasting bobbles, learnt to make them with your Seaside Stash busting blanket. My bobbles have unfortunately gone flat with use (my boys snuggle under the blanket every night and boys are not exactly gentle on things…) Is this to be expected, or should I make the bobbles tighter?

  3. Missed it yet again😿 Hope back in stock soon. Do you know the colours so maybe could do Stash busting blanket instead please?

  4. Just started the blanket – what lovely colours and the yarn is great to work with. Just have one question about the pattern… row 10 says do not turn, restarting the new row at the beginning of row 11, but wouldnt that mean the bubbles of the next colour combination would be on the wrong side?

      1. Last question I promise!! Does this mean the bubbles pop each side or do I just make that the right side again?

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