Crochet Retreat…

Back in October I hosted a Sunday morning crochet workshop as part of a local ‘Crochet Retreat’ weekend. I wanted to write a blog post about it because it really was a wonderful crochet experience. I had been invited by Sarah, the lovely organiser, and I’m so glad I said yes because it was a very special occasion! 🙂

This annual Crochet Retreat is organised by Sarah from Made and Making in Hassocks. ‘Made and Making’ is a wonderful venue for all kinds of craft workshops and I’m really happy that I’m now a regular tutor there and have hosted various crochet workshops throughout 2019, with more arranged for 2020. The weekend retreat was held nearby in a local hotel.

There was definitely a big ‘wow’ factor when I arrived on Sunday morning and saw the room… 🙂

And the buzz as people entered was just amazing… crochet lovers all together in this gorgeous location!

I set up a little display table with some of my own crochet creations… how lovely it was for me to dig some of those out! 🙂

Keeping with a coastal theme, the workshop I hosted was for crocheting around pebbles and wrapping crocheted mistletoe garlands around driftwood…

And it was lovely to see everyone get crocheting with the little kits they had been given which included all the yarn, the patterns and little fairy lights too…

I made sure I got around to everyone and here’s a photo with me in the background! 🙂

Time was made for ‘show and tell‘ and everyone had the opportunity to share a favourite crochet make they had brought from home. It was especially wonderful for me to see someone share their Filet Crochet Anchor Shawl which I designed for Little Box of Crochet! 🙂

And I was able to share a couple of my blankets too…

It’s always brilliant to see projects being completed during the workshop and here’s a selection of the pebbles which were crocheted around… 🙂

The attention to detail at this Crochet Retreat was amazing… look at the name badges that were handmade for everyone, including one for me!

The food was delicious, the company of fellow crochet lovers was wonderful and lots of crochet was enjoyed… all in beautiful surroundings! I was only there for the Sunday morning (and that really was great for me to be a part of) so imagine what it must be like for a whole weekend! 🙂 🙂

Dates for next years Crochet Retreat have just been released. Here’s the link if you’re interested… 🙂

These four photos have been taken from the website… 🙂

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. I go on an annual craft retreat and the anticipation of the next one begins as soon as the last one is over. There’s nothing like spending a weekend with kindred spirits. This retreat looks wonderful. If only I could pop over from Australia on my magic carpet for the weekend!

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