Crochet tools…

One of the reasons I love crochet is because it’s so very portable and you only need some yarn and a hook to get crocheting and create such amazing things! You really don’t need much else… 🙂

But there are some ‘tools’ that can really help us in our crochet and this is a little blog post to celebrate them… 🙂

Recently I’ve been teaching a lot of beginner crochet lessons and classes. I have often found myself saying “stitch markers are a Crocheter’s best friend”! And they really are…

Stitch markers can be so helpful for beginners in marking and recognising those turning chains and helping to keep those edges straight. How many beginners end up crocheting a triangle when they were trying to crochet a square?! And even the most experienced Crocheters need to mark those first or last stitches of a round in many projects.


Yes, of course a safety pin or small piece of yarn can be used just as effectively. You certainly don’t need a fancy stitch marker to do the job but it’s rather lovely that so many wonderful stitch markers are available from independent sellers on platforms such as Etsy…

These are from ‘Mrs G Makes‘…

And Mrs G also has a stitch marker advent calender!! 🙂

And these are from ‘KoPoUk‘…

That gorgeous pumpkin spice latte is just so adorable!

And the beach hut is very similar to my crocheted beach hut!

The next tool is of course some scissors. Nothing fancy about scissors except I was recently contacted by ‘Warm Crochet‘ and they offered to send me some scissors to try out…

I’ve never owned such pretty scissors! Aren’t they beautiful… ?! They are available to buy here and I have a 10% discount code for my readers which is ‘COC‘…

And my latest ‘tool’ is a pack of yarn pegs. Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn pegs in the full set of shades…

I purchased these from ‘Dotty’s Yarn Pegs‘…

Colour choice is so important in our crochet and we are very lucky to have some yarn brands available in a huge range of colours! Both Stylecraft Special DK and Scheepjes Colour Crafter are available in over 90 shades. But my local yarn shop can only stock a limited number of colours so seeing them in the flesh and being able to see the colours together is not always possible.


I have designed projects using the colours shown on the computer screen when ordering online but that’s not ideal. And shade cards have been useful in the past although you can’t move the yarn around in these cards. So these yarn pegs are going to be extremely useful to me, I’m sure!


And then there are notebooks, pencils, yarn needles, yarn bowls, ball winders and swifts, as well as project bags and rulers! So many tools to help us with our crochet!! 🙂


Do let me know if there’s a crochet tool you’ve discovered that you wouldn’t be without!

I’ve just returned from a beach walk with Salty before hitting publish on this blog post…


It’s a silver sea today… and can you spot Salty in the photo below?!


Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂


  1. Stunning crochet accessories Thank you they’re at the top my Christmas list your posts x

  2. Thanks for the great ideas for crochet tools. I have recently purchased a small kitchen scale. I find it very fun and useful for using up scrap yarn. I can weigh a finished project and then weigh scrap yarn to see if I have enough to make another!!!! P.S. I found Salty in the pic!

  3. Hi Eleonora, I am now living on a boat in Australia for four months. In the Uk I am in Shropshire, but I was born a bred a Yorkshire lass and when I visit your blog it takes me back to walks on the beach. I enjoyed your Yarndale post and I do intend to try and get there next year too. I see you are teaching beginners crochet which is my passion. Please check out my YouTube videos ROZ HILL. I have been using a latch hook to teach beginners crochet for a few years now so I can honestly say this is a tool that I would not be without. I also wouldn’t be without a very small latch hook tool usually used for working with a home knitting machine. It is basically a knitting machine needle. I use it all the time which makes me wonder….. I am knitting crochet stitches with rag rug tool!!
    Happy Hooking, Roslyn Hill

      1. Hi Eleanor’s, only a few minutes ago I came across your Christmas decoration kit (thinking I need to add some decor to the boat.Christmas in the summer seems strange!) You must be so chuffed with it!

  4. Love all these accessories 🥰 there is one other thing I really love, project bags! They are so awesome and make crochet even more portable!

  5. Lovely accessories.and so appropriate for coastal crochet! My favorite crochet “tool” is a small zippered organizer case for my hooks, scissors, stitch markers, etc. I found quite a few on Amazon with double zippered sides and lots of slots for your hooks, zippered pouches for your rulers, row counters, etc. I keep a small note book, tucked inside and use one of the hook slots for a pen. No matter what project I’m taking along with me, it’s so easy to tuck this one item into a project bag, or tote bag, and know that all my crochet necessities are at hand.

  6. Hi Eleonora, I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve got a tool which I appreciate so much! It’s a magnetic pin dish which I keep a single darning needle on. (More than one needle sees me fumbling to pick one up). I darn in an end and almost throw the needle back onto the pin dish, where it magically stays put, ready and waiting for next time. No more lost needles for me! Easy to find, difficult to lose. It’s been a game changer.

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