Coastal Tracks Shawl…

img_5037Here’s a new design that’s been on my hooks since I visited Yarndale back in September. My ‘Coastal Tracks Shawl’…

The pattern is now available to purchase over in my Ravelry and Etsy stores… it’s available in both UK and US crochet terminology.

It’s a simple design that uses two contrasting 100g skeins of 4ply hand dyed yarn.

It was a long train journey from the south coast travelling north to Yarndale back in September. I always love planning ahead as to what my crochet project could be during any long journey and I decided to use some special hand dyed yarns which I bought a couple of years ago but just hadn’t got round to using yet. These have all been seen on my blog at some point when purchasing them from local yarn shops on some of our travels… 🙂

From Amsterdam… Some Dutch Crochet Adventures… (Part 2)


From Edinburgh… A little more creative inspiration from the North…


…and from the Isle of Wight… Crochet on the Isle of Wight…


I wanted to crochet something that wouldn’t require too much concentration so the first part of the shawl is crocheted in simple double treble (US treble) stitches…

It was a joy to crochet those tall stitches and it gives such a light and airy fabric… I enjoyed it so much that I have crocheted two shawls! 🙂

Oh I do so love hand dyed yarns… the colour changes can be such a joy and a couple of my favourite independent yarn dyers are Country Mouse Yarns and Miss Moffatt Yarns – This blue comes from  Country Mouse Yarns

When the second skein is introduced in this design, the stitch pattern changes…

I called this shawl ‘Coastal Tracks’ as a nod to the train tracks I was travelling on when the design was started… it’s also a wonderful coverup for summer evening walks along coastal tracks! 🙂

It’s a sunny Friday here on the south coast today so a quick opportunity for some more photos this morning…

And little Salty always close by… 🙂


Hope you like the design… Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


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