A Special Crochet Round-up…

At the end of every month over on Instagram, many people (including myself) post a collage with a selection of that month’s photos and in my case that month’s makes. I really love doing this; looking back over the month’s projects and progress. Instagram is the place where I post photos of my crochet that I wouldn’t necessarily write a blog post about. But I didn’t want any of you lovely blog readers who don’t use Instagram to miss out!

So here are my collages from the months of April…


and May…

May collageIt was Salty’s 6th birthday in May and I crocheted the little pink flower and fluffy trim for her collar.

WP_20170508_18_59_32_ProI also finally finished the rainbow ripple blanket that I started at the end of March. It was a really fun project that didn’t require much concentration and the end result is just lovely…

WP_20170517_18_20_00_Pro.jpgThe pattern from Stylecraft didn’t have an edging but I felt it needed something so I opted for a simple fur trim using Stylecraft Eskimo.

I started a new mystery project…

WP_20170522_18_57_45_Pro 1

79A9899E-082C-4954-BFFE-ED117400D53EThis has been brilliant to crochet…I’ve made it up as I go along and have had fun trying out lots of new and different stitch combinations like this one which was featured in this months Crochet Now magazine. It’s called interlocked filet…

WP_20170529_11_35_57_ProI even tried to do a little crochet when we went kayaking last weekend but the rough seas had other ideas! It had been so calm the day before that I had visions of me crocheting whilst my hubbie paddled but it turned out to be borderline whether we even went out at all! I did manage to get this great photo of my crochet progress with my boys in the background…

WP_20170527_13_22_26_ProThis project is finished now but I won’t reveal it’s purpose until next week (maybe a little earlier over on Instagram)… https://www.instagram.com/coastalcrochet/?hl=en


Some of my dear family members have also been creative this month… my lovely 12 year old niece Carla really impressed me when we visited them recently. She showed me a wall hanging that she has made… the colours are so beautiful and really quite coastal!


Isn’t it AMAZING?! 🙂

And my mum has been busy crocheting more cacti…


So there you have it… a crochet round-up which is extra special because tomorrow, 3rd June, is my 2 year blogging birthday! Can you believe it was two years ago that I published my first blog post!

Some of you lovely people have been there and read my blog from the very beginning and some of you have joined me later on- thank you so much to each and every one of you for reading and always encouraging me. I always love to read your comments. It’s been quite a crochet journey for me and when I look back at that first blog post hello-crochet-world I realise I really have achieved some of my goals- yes I’m now writing patterns, yes my crochet skills have vastly increased and yes my crochet has certainly become more focussed and been taken to the next level! 🙂 And that’s where you all come in…  this blog really motivates me!



Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂



  1. Wow, you’ve certainly been a busy bee haven’t you? So much lovely colourful inspiration, I really must make time to get stuck back in to some crochet. 😘

  2. Wonderful round up, I love your doggy crochet. The ripple blanket is fab, I really want to tackle one. Happy blog anniversary for tomorrow. xx

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