Red Hot Poker’s…

When I started this blog nearly two (yes two!) years ago, I used the tagline ‘For all things crochet inspired by coastal living…’

I haven’t changed this at all and this week it was oh so true!

The clifftop flowers have been spectacular this year and I’ve posted some photos of the amazing natural displays of colour clinging to the clifftops over on my Instagram

Last Friday I was walking Salty along the clifftops and just when I thought I’d seen the best of the springtime coastal flowers I was stopped in my tracks by these ‘Red Hot Pokers’ or Kniphofia…

P1180309P1180293P1180307They are such a striking flower and I felt immediately inspired to crochet my own version! Back home I found some spare yarn in the right colours and there was no stopping me…


I’m pretty pleased with the end result and here’s the pattern if you want to have a go…

Red Hot Poker

Red hot poker 3

Red hot poker 4

P1180301Red hot poker 5My lovely Parents are the recipient of these… my Mum has been crocheting me little cactus plants and I’m crocheting spring flowers for them! Here’s a photo in the vases she has put them in (they got the Bluebells too)…

Red hot poker 9So there you go… crochet inspired by coastal living! If I hadn’t seen those ‘Red Hot Pokers’ on my clifftop walk I wouldn’t have thought to design a crochet version. We all get our inspiration and ideas from so many different sources and for me the coast is right up there with the best!

Red hot poker 7

I’d love to hear where you all get your inspiration and creative drives from. Not everyone lives a stones throw from the sea so what wonders are there in other places and what inspires you?

Thanks for reading! 🙂 🙂


  1. Thank you so much! I love ‘taking walks with you’ on your crochet journey . . . sharing your experiences, inspiration and creativity!!! This pattern is lovely!!!

  2. I’m just in awe of how you manage to recreate these beautiful things you see around you, with seemingly no effort at all! They are just amazing! I’m not as close to the coast as you are but I definitely should visit ours more often. There’s lots of inspiration to be found xx

  3. Thank you for the pattern, the flowers are beautiful. Inspiration comes from bloggers like you, I especially love your your coastal theme. Maybe that’s because I live in the city, on a busy main road, but I love going to the beach where it’s quiet & restful. Inspiration also just pops in my head, from I don’t know where

    1. Thank you Heather… there’s so much to see and hear in a city, there must be endless inspirations but maybe it’s easier to pick out by the sea because of the wide open space 🙂 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy my blog! 🙂 🙂

  4. Wow you really nailed this flower!! It looks exactly like the real ones! My inspirations come from all over the place. Sometimes they are necessity based and sometimes they just pop into my head out of nowhere! Those projects are usually the most fun! 🙂

  5. So beautiful! I get a lot of inspiration from other crafters, from work and from friends, a lot of them are biologists like me and there are so many beautiful things in nature 😊

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