Hello Crochet World!

Well I’ve finally done it!

After many months of consideration and ‘shall I, shan’t I thoughts’, today I posted off my enrolment form for the International Diploma in Crochet from Crochet Design http://www.crochet.co.uk/

I have crocheted on and off for many years and it’s not just crochet- I have a love for all things crafty! But crochet is what I want to focus on and I have a desire to take it to the next level.

I love crochet! I love how it looks, I love its versatility and more than anything I love to actually do crochet!
A craft I can take anywhere with me and the joy of gradually seeing each stitch transform the yarn in my hands into something beautiful.
I can follow patterns and one of my proudest crochet creations was a dress for my daughter on her First Holy Communion celebration last year . A wonderful pattern from http://www.crochetgarden.com/ called ‘Juliet Dress’ which I added little sleeves to from a pattern in the great magazine that is  ‘Simply Crochet’.
My proudest crochet creation to date!
My proudest crochet creation to date!

By undertaking the International Diploma in Crochet I’m hoping to refine my crochet skills and really get to know crochet inside out and ultimately be able to write my own patterns. Who knows where this journey will take me? I’ve set up this Blog to share that journey with anyone who’s interested…

As for my craft journey so far, I can’t pinpoint when it started. I don’t recall a particular point in time when I learned to sew, knit or crochet (but all of these I enjoy!). It stems from my childhood and my Dutch grandmother and mother always seen knitting – my school cardigans were often hand knitted and my grandmother knitted and sewed a whole wardrobe of clothes for my dolls! My Dutch aunt is a fabulous sewer and she would make me many items of clothing as I grew up.

I’ve never had any formal lessons (hence the desire to complete the International Diploma in Crochet!) but over the years I have become a competent sewer, knitter and crocheter.

I sewed my own wedding dress in 1999, have knitted baby cardigans and toys for our 3 children and our house is adorned with my own makes, from curtains to cushions to crochet coasters!

An old rocking chair I painted and recovered now has pride of place in our lounge!
An old rocking chair I painted and recovered now has pride of place in our lounge!
Another piece of painted furniture finished with crochet door knobs!
Another piece of painted furniture finished with crochet door knobs!

I am positively bursting with creative ideas but a very busy everyday life means I don’t get enough time to indulge in these passions! In completing the International Diploma in Crochet I hope that my crochet will become more focussed and I’ll be continuously motivated to keep on crocheting and learning with a view to being able to channel my ideas constructively.

Here go’s…


  1. Congratulations on registering for the IDC – you have made the right decision! I hope you have fun, and I’m sure you’ll get loads from it. The feedback/tuition is excellent.. Be sure to ask lots of questions and pass on your observations to your tutor, as I think you’ll get most from the course that way. It seems like your reasons for undertaking the IDC are similar to mine (wanting to write patterns, and perfecting techniques.) Well done also on your crochet achievements thus far – that communion dress is lovely. I look forward to seeing where your inspiration takes you. Best wishes..

    1. Thanks so much for commenting. Yes, I’m really excited about starting the course and as you say, perfecting my techniques. Thanks also for the tips.
      Stay in touch! Would be great if you could follow me…

  2. Hey! I did not know there was a diploma in crochet. I look forward to following your progress… i may have to do this course one day 🙂

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    I don’t know what I like best; the beautifully modelled dress, the rocking chair or the crochet drawer handles! Plus I never knew there was International Diploma in Crochet

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