Crocheted Granny Stool Cover…


This week I crocheted another stool cover! I’ve crocheted these before and featured them in blog posts…

A Crochet Stool Cover

Quick Project- another Stool Cover

My dear brother and sister-in-law have the same Ikea foot stool as us which I crocheted a cover for last year. They asked if I would crochet one for them and I was more than happy to oblige…


I suggested the yarn,  Hoooked Ribbon XL, and they chose the colours. It was really nice to have someone else choose the colours and they chose so well!

I was keen to get started…


…but after completing about 7 rounds I realised that yellow would be a better starting colour. After a little family discussion and a vote it was pretty unanimous that everyone felt yellow would be better so I started all over again…


I took it down to the beach for some progress photos and I LOVE this photo of Salty who came and ‘photobombed’ a progress shot!


With a 12mm hook and chunky yarn it really does crochet up super quick and in less than a week it was finished…


The weather has been so amazing this weekend so on Saturday morning I had a little fun and with the help of my husband and children took a selection of my crochet down to the beach for a ‘Coastal Crochet’ photo shoot!  There’s a lot to consider when taking photos on the beach- the weather, the tides, the state of the sea and on Saturday all the good elements were there- calm seas, a high tide, not too windy and such lovely sunshine!

WP_20170325_09_51_31_ProAnd yes, as you can see, a couple of crocheted stools came down too!


On Sunday we delivered the stool cover to it’s new home- luckily my lovely brother and sister-in-law seem happy with it and I think it looks fabulous in its new home…


I have written the pattern for this and will publish it in the next day or so…

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. That is beautiful I love it, wasn’t it a beautiful weekend too! I spent it at the beach down the road from me but, alas, no crocheting! It’s a really beautiful stool cover.

  2. Lovely pics as always and the stool covers look great. It was such a lovely weekend – the beach looks most appealing in the sunshine. Roll on summer! 🌸🌸 xx

  3. Yellow definitely best for the centre – I think Salty approves of the design as well lol. Beautiful project.

  4. I’m so jealous Eleonora, I’m a beach girl too, butI live in Texas now and no the gulf is not an ocean,its a sespool. Dont let anyone tell you different, although it may be better now I havent been down there in over 30 yrs.

    My favorite pic of you was you on the beach crocheting. We are going homein Jume for one of our children’s wedding and they are getting married on the beach and I am probably going to live on it as much as possible while I’m there.

    You have great stuff, thanks for sharing

  5. These are so lovely. I had a go at crocheting something similar with tshirt yarn and it was an unmitigated disaster but you’re making me want to try again!!

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