Quick project -another stool cover…


For those of you who follow my Instagram and Facebook page you may have seen photos of this crochet stool cover which I completed at the weekend. This blog gives me the opportunity to give you more details about it…

This is the stool before…


It came from Ikea and we’ve had it for at least 15 years. The original cover is looking quite old and tired. I have previously sewed a red fleece cover but even that was starting to look drab. So of course I thought a crochet cover was needed!

I took some photographs of poppies by the sea back in June and shared them in a blog post…


I was so inspired by the colours and ordered ‘Mixtape’ yarn in red, green and blue from ‘Wool and the Gang’…


This yarn is upcycled in Turkey from t-shirt scraps – such a great concept.


I used a 12mm hook and started making the top using ‘granny’ trebles, increasing every other round. When it was the right size for the top of the stool I completed two rounds in double crochet. Then I continued without increasing until…

…I ran out of yarn!!

So what to do? I only needed a little more yarn but it seemed such a waste to buy a whole lot of new yarn for just a couple of rounds. Well, I did have some left over Hoooked Zpagetti t-shirt yarn, but it was in white!


I decided to go for it and I’m actually pleased I did. I think the white gives it a fresh, modern edge and if it wasn’t for running out of yarn, I may not have considered finishing with a white border.



So running out of yarn isn’t always so bad- and that all important stash of yarn and saved leftovers are so useful. You never know when you might need them!

Happy Crocheting Everyone 🙂









  1. Lovely crochet cover. Am I understanding it correctly that you didn’t shape it at all. My husband has rescued a ratty stool which is crying out for a bit of crochet. Do you mind giving me the dimensions of your stool so I could have a go. Thanks so much for sharing. And I love your poppy inspiration.

    1. Thanks Cathy. The stool is 49 cm / 19 inches across. I just made the circle top by increasing on every other round until it was the right size, then kept going without any increasing so it went straight down. I’m hoping to be able to write patterns at some point soon so it will be easier for me to share! Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Another lovely project. I particularly like how you took inspiration from your surroundings. I need to start doing that more. I’m crocheting a rug at the moment using a scratchy DK doubled up and it is making a surprisingly durable mat. Too many projects on the go at the moment though!

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