Coastal Living…Searching for Sea Glass

We have lived in our coastal home for 5 years now and we still so love to be near the sea- the novelty of being able to pop down to the beach whenever we want has never worn off. Having a dog helps as we find we pop down to that beach quite a lot with our little Salty!

It wasn’t until we moved so close to the sea and I was spending a lot more time on beaches than ever before that I really came to appreciate ‘Sea Glass’. I’d heard of it before but to suddenly find my own pieces in the sand or between the pebbles was so rewarding. It soon became one of my favourite things to do when going down to the beach – searching for sea glass. These little fragments of glass which have been smoothed over time by the constant movement of the sea. The most common colour is green so when I find an elusive piece of blue I always get really excited!


These were pieces that I found in about an hour of looking on our local beach and as you can see include some clear as well as blue and even a marble and piece of pottery!

I find that every beach I go to now I am compelled to look for sea glass but it really does vary from beach to beach how much you can find. On our holiday to Northern Spain in May we came across a beach with the most sea glass I had ever seen- I was amazed by the amount as well as the size of the pieces. Here my daughter and I are searching…


and then more family joined in…


I found these pieces…


But just look at what my daughter managed to collect in one afternoon…


So I’m sure you can imagine that after 5 years living near a beach where sea glass can be found and being someone who always has to pick sea glass up when I see it, we have A LOT of sea glass in our house. I have it stored in the kitchen around the cooker hood and also in a large bowl. So what to do with it when that bowl over flows?

Some people make jewellery and I’ve seen some wonderful pieces online. I have used it to make a mosaic fish before but I do have some other ideas…

How can I combine my love of crochet with my love of sea glass?





  1. Combining sea glass and crochet as jewelry would be beautiful, or you could do light catchers for a window. Your post makes me want to live by the sea!

  2. I love sea glass. Lucky you finding so many pretty pieces. You absolutely have to visit Seaham and other beaches along the coast there. I never did share my glass from there but it was amazing! Reds and blues too. I had a go at jewellery but was too worried about shattering the most beautiful pieces. In the end it all got packed up in our boxes. Fine cotton crocheted around pieces of glass would make great jewellery or decorations. Living by the sea, have you tried crocheted pebbles?

    1. Hi Alida, sorry for not replying sooner- we’ve just got back from a holiday in Wales. I would love to go to Seaham beach. I’ve heard about sea glass on that stretch of coast before. I must plan a trip up next year! I’ve not tried crochet around pebbles before but again I have seen this done and it looks amazing. Another to add to my ‘to-do-list’… 🙂 🙂

  3. Not sure if this could actually be done but what popped into my mind was a tall thin elegant glass vase filled with sea glass suspended in gel, sealed and used as a table lamp base. The lampshade crocheted with sea glass stuck as a trim round the top and the bottom of the shade, or randomly over the shade.

    1. Wow!!! That sounds so brilliant! I’m totally inspired and amazed that that just popped into your head! You must have a really creative mind. Sorry for not replying sooner. We just returned from a holiday in Wales where I found just a few pieces of sea glass! 🙂

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