A crochet stool cover…

For those of you who follow my Instagram and Facebook page you may have seen a few photos which I posted at the weekend of my most recent project- a crochet stool cover.

Oh how I loved this project although the Hoooked Zpagetti yarn and large 12mm hook was heavy going on the hands and arms- it felt like a mini workout!


We’ve had this little stool in our lounge for years but it’s seen better days…


…and really needed to be covered.

I have seen lots of these crochet stool covers online, in magazines and even being sold in shops. There are some patterns out there but I’ve only managed to find them in Dutch- these crochet stool covers or ‘gehaakte krukhoes’ seem to be very popular in The Netherlands.



But I didn’t follow a pattern for this as it really is so simple:  8 dc into a magic ring, then increasing on every other row until the circle matched the top of the stool. Then I continued without increasing until the desired length was reached.




In my case I actually ran out of yarn but amazingly it was just enough and the cover stretched beautifully over the stool.


It’s certainly given it a new lease of life.

This project was just for fun. I’m now going to start a project which I’ll be submitting for the International Diploma in Crochet. I got the result back for my Tunisian shawl and it passed with a ‘very good’ which I’m so pleased about.

Happy crocheting Everyone 🙂


  1. Like the stool very much but can imagine that it was a bit hard on the fingers. Well done on the Tunisian shawl – you should be very proud of the result. Can’t wait to see what your next project is going to be. My first one – a short-sleeved cardigan – is with my mentor at the moment and I am planning Tunisian for my second.
    Jenny 🌸🌸 x

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks so much- yes I was so pleased with the result. I’m now onto the garment project that needs sleeves, shaping and fastenings. Quite a challenge trying to find something suitable. I’ve gone for a cardigan/ jacket in broomstick crochet. Good Luck with your cardigan 🙂 xx

  2. Well done on passing with your Tunisian crochet shawl. Rightly so! Your stool looks great. I love T-shirt yarn, I was so sad to leave 4 rolls of bright yellow behind when we left England. I had planned a rug made of lots of different sized circles. I did give my mum the rugs I had made as I could bear to put them in storage. The yarn is heavy going though, isn’t it!

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