Crochet buttons…

For the International Diploma in Crochet course I have to submit a “varied selection of seven practical and usable crochet buttons”.

And here they are…


I’ve never crocheted buttons before and am not sure I’m a big fan either! There are just so many gorgeous buttons available out there in all kinds of materials, shapes, colours and sizes that I’ve never felt the need to crochet my own. But if you want a subtle fastening then I suppose a simple crocheted button could work perfectly.

To make these buttons varied I’ve used different yarns, different colours, and different fillings. For the inside of a couple I used copper coins- a 1p and a 2p. The smaller buttons are filled with a small ball of the same yarn and the very large button is crocheted around a  plastic button inside.

Here they are, all labelled up and ready to be sent off.


I mentioned last week that I’m starting my third project which I need to submit for the International Diploma in Crochet. This time it needs to be a garment with sleeves, shaping and a fastener! After searching for a pattern which includes all of those I found this one on Ravelry:

I ordered some yarn and it came in skeins. I’m not used to this as most yarn I buy tends to come in balls.


My first attempt to wind the yarn into a ball didn’t go too well- I used the back of a chair but it was time consuming and still resulted in some tangles. Luckily my mother came to the rescue! She told me how she remembers having to do this for her own mother and she still had the technique, gently swaying her arms as I wound the ball- just perfect! It was so nice to be able to share this memory with her 🙂 (and have tangle free yarn!)


Thanks for reading and Happy Crocheting 🙂





  1. I hated doing the button submission! Love your choice of garment with sleeves, fastening and shaping – tempted to give it a go myself! 🙂

  2. Hi Eleanora.
    I’ve just come across your blog, and am stunned (in a great way) by the beautiful pieces you produce!! I’ve just started learning crochet, and have been teaching myself. I know from watching others that my technique is super-sluggish – every now and then I catch a rhythm, and it feels wonderful – like watching the sea 😊.
    Out of curiosity… What are the benefits of doing the diploma? Is it a personal thing, or does it allow you to (e.g.) teach?
    Keep up the fabulous work!
    Lynne x

    1. Hello Lynne, lovely to hear from you- thanks for your very kind and encouraging words! I love crochet and decided to do the Diploma as I wanted to get really good. For me it’s a great way to keep motivated and makes me crochet in ways I probably wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for the diploma. I really want to be able to write my own patterns and yes, maybe teach, but for now it’s just a personal challenge. I’m enjoying it but it’s not for everyone and some amazing crocheters out there are self-taught. I’ve had a look at your blog and your adventures- very inspiring 🙂 xx

      1. Thanks!! It’s great to challenge yourself, and you’re definitely doing a fantastic job. I’m just getting to grips with basic stitches, but you’ve inspired me to try out some of the trickier ones in my book 😀. I’ve been able to pick up some lovely wool in South America, and want to do it justice! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with. X

  3. I remember holding the yarn for my Granny but Husband turned out to be a fairly useless substitute. The yarn-winding took as long as the project. I’m going back to buying balls!!

  4. Your buttons look great and everyone of them is so different. The pops of bright colour show up so well against the pebbles. I’m quite envious of the fact that you have already mastered broomstick crochet so brilliantly and are even doing a full-size project in it. Nice choice of yarn too! Good luck with it all! J🌸🌸 x

  5. Your buttons are beautiful, the collection of them look like the various shapes of shells. And too funny about the yarn winding, my husband was useless too. Lol I finally bought a cheap little winder and had him crank it while I swayed.

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