How I love a magazine! Part 1…

Something I love almost as much as crochet is a good magazine! Sitting down and immersing myself in the pages of a magazine for even 20 minutes is a real joy for me. Of course the British magazine ‘Simply Crochet’  is up there as one of my favourites and I get genuinely excited when it pops through my letterbox each month

Simply Crochet Magazine
Simply Crochet Magazine

For yes, I still love a paper copy of any magazine. The smell of the new pages and the gentle motion of turning those pages beats (for me) viewing it on a screen every time. Of course paper copies can also be easily shared amongst family and friends and another magazine I love which I do not buy myself yet is passed onto me by my father is ‘Coast

Coast Magazine. So much coastal inspiration and breath-taking photos every month...
Coast Magazine. So much coastal inspiration and breath-taking photos every month…


Here is  a short article about beach finds which I loved reading. We have found all of these washed up on our local beach, all except the maritime coins which would really be like finding real treasure! Sea glass is a particular favourite of mine to search for when I stroll on the beach. The different shapes, sizes and colours are fantastic and we always get very excited when we come across a blue piece of sea glass as this is more unusual for us to find. Green is definitely the most common colour.

Another favourite of mine is ‘Mollie Makes’ which often features crochet projects. It comes with a free little craft project to make each month which is delightful! Although as there are not enough hours in the day, the pile of unopened free projects is growing faster than I can complete them!

Mollie Makes
Mollie Makes

I get so many ideas and so much inspiration from flicking through the pages of craft magazines – projects and pattens to complete, reading about crochet designers, finding out about craft related products and reviews of books and yarns.

Now, I’m off to complete one of those unopened craft projects from Mollie Makes…I’ll feature it in next weeks post, part 2….

In the meantime, Happy Crocheting!


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