How I love a Magazine! Part 2…

Last week I started to write about my love of magazines.

The magazine ‘Mollie Makes’ comes with a free little craft project to complete every month and I don’t always get round to making them. But this week I made sure that I did one and I crocheted this lovely ‘Summer Cherry Brooch’ from issue 43 of Mollie Makes. It will go perfectly on a denim jacket!

Very quick and easy to make yet beautiful! Love it!
Very quick and easy to make yet beautiful! Love it!


A magazine I haven’t yet mentioned is ‘Daphne’s Diary’

This is originally from The Netherlands but is now translated into English (as well as German and French). It has an unusual format in that it is written like a diary with entries, snippets of information and inspirations. There are also hardly any advertisements. It really is a fabulous magazine…

Daphne's Diary
Daphne’s Diary

As the holiday season continues, I hope that I will find a few golden moments to either read a magazine or crochet for a while…

Till next week, happy crocheting…


  1. Those cherries are really cute 🙂 I wish I had access to [English] magazines where I currently live. Those dedicated to crafts are truly worth keeping, inspiration for many years to come. How nice to end one with something to make 🙂

  2. I am a magazine addict too and I am trying to rein it in. I love the same magazines plus others like Quilt Now. I used to get Quilty when I lived in Australia which is a great magazine for beginners. Love New Scientist too!

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