Causeway Coast Blanket!

And here it is… my latest design with the full pattern available now!

This is my Causeway Coast Blanket… 💙💚

A blanket fully inspired by the beautiful Causeway Coast – the stunning, exhilarating, and dramatic coastline of Northern Ireland!

The pattern is now available to purchase in my Etsy and Ravelry stores.



If you choose to crochet this blanket please do feel free to share your progress in my Facebook group or over on Instagram. I absolutely love to see your crochet and although this pattern is not being hosted as a crochet-along, by sharing your progress it can certainly feel like one! It’s always wonderful to share a crochet journey together with others…

Now let me share the background and inspiration behind my Causeway Coast blanket… 😊

My very first visit to Northern Ireland was in 2021 when I was invited to speak at the Spinning Yarns Festival. You can read more about that here. It’s a wonderful festival and at the time we used the opportunity to explore the coastline. We hired a car and spent a whole day stopping off at various places along this diverse and beautiful coastline. I fell completely and utterly in love! It’s simply beautiful…

I returned to the Spinning Yarns festival in 2022 to give another talk and then again today when I launched and revealed this Causeway Coast Blanket for the very first time to a wonderful audience! That felt extra extra special – to reveal a brand new design at the Spinning Yarns Festival which is a festival which led to me creating this design in the very first place was absolutely perfect… 💙

Thank you to everyone who was there… 💙

Back in 2021, standing on the famous UNESCO World Heritage site, the ‘Giants Causeway’ with over 40,000 hexagonal columns, I knew that a blanket inspired by this whole coastline was something I would love to create. The Giants Causeway itself is like a huge patchwork hexagonal blanket, it was impossible for me not to feel inspired!

And two years later here it is…

My ‘Causeway Coast’ inspired blanket simply had to be based on a hexagonal design. Hexagons are the base for this blanket – 95 individual hexagons to be precise!

It’s the first blanket I’ve designed where the base for construction has been so clearly inspired by the theme. For me a Causeway Coast inspired blanket would simply not feel right without hexagons featured somewhere – it was an obvious design choice for me. This is also my first hexagon based blanket…

The Giants Causeway is incredible but there’s so much more to this stunning coastline too… Beautiful sandy beaches, cliff paths, caves, awesome views and magnificent waterfalls! The stitches, textures, and colours used in this blanket capture and reflect the essence of many different parts of the gorgeous Causeway Coast…

I’ve designed 10 different hexagons, some of which are repeated in different colour ways. I’ll now share the inspiration behind each one:

The clear waters of Ballintoy Harbour
Crystal clear waters can be seen at Ballintoy Harbour with a shallow sea at low tide. A beautiful calm sea is reflected in this simple first hexagon. It was very important for me to perfect a hexagon design. As always in crochet there are different ways to do things with subtle variations. It took time for me to be completely happy with my first hexagon!

Rocks along the shore at Whitehead
Walking north towards Blackhead Lighthouse, large rocks can be seen near the shoreline at Whitehead. Known locally as the Wren’s Eggs! Textured popcorns like wren’s eggs are featured in this next hexagon.

The Dark Hedges
A beautiful avenue of beech trees planted over 200 years ago. Made famous by the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ this tunnel of trees is a sight to behold, a little inland from the coast. The tree trunks, leaves and darkness created by the natural tunnel are seen in this hexagon.

The Giants Causeway
The spectacular Giants Causeway – over 40,000 basalt volcanic columns, many of which are hexagonal shaped. Awe inspiring and iconic, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These hexagons are crocheted in layers to create a raised tiered effect just like the Giants Causeway.

Seaglass at Ballygalley and Cushendall
Searching for sea glass around the Causeway Coast can be a delight! Beautiful pieces of glass which have been smoothed over time by the constant movement of the sea can be found, with beautiful blues too.

West to Derry
The coastline continues and stretches onwards west to Derry, with lush green countryside as well as the possibility of a scenic railway journey.

Benone Strand
Benone Strand forms part of the longest sandy beach in Northern Ireland. With soft golden sands stretching for miles.

The Gobbins
A dramatic coastal walk! A stunning walk along the cliff face on pathways, across bridges, past caves and through a tunnel. A wonderfully unique experience on the Causeway Coast with an interesting history. The tubular bridge is captured in this hexagon.

Runkerry Beach
Walking past sand dunes and beach grass to emerge onto the wide golden sands of Runkerry Beach. Meet friends and enjoy s’mores as the sun sets. And then maybe, just maybe, you’ll see dolphins out at sea!

Torr Head
A breath-taking drive along the Torr Head Scenic Route with incredible views of the Causeway Coast. At Torr Head itself stand at this rugged headland and admire views across to Scotland and Rathlin Island.

Glenoe Waterfall
A magnificent waterfall nestling in the glens of Antrim. Hear the water get louder as you approach the waterfall. A hidden gem…

Cushendun Caves
Incredible caves near the beach at Cushendun. Stunning rock formations and a dramatic cave entrance make this a wonderful place to visit on the Causeway Coast. The darkness at the centre of this hexagon entices us in, just like the caves!

And there you go… all my hexagon designs inspired by different parts of the Causeway Coast. I’m really happy with them and hope you will enjoy crocheting them.

The hexagons are joined together in a way that reflects the merging of land with sea, just like a proper coastline! I thought very long and hard about the placement of the different colours and hexagon designs, and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. Creating long diagonal rows by placing the colours together gives a wonderful effect. And there’s also a central hexagonal shaped collection as a tribute to the Giants Causeway of course!

It’s a blanket design that I’m so incredibly happy with… 😄

The Scheepjes yarn quantities and the colours I used are all listed in the pattern. A couple of the colours are currently out of stock so I’m suggesting these alternatives if you don’t want to wait…

Lighthouse Yarns in Whitehead Northern Ireland are stocking yarn packs… it’s where I purchased my original yarns from and it’s great to be able to support small independent businesses!

I revealed the blanket for the first time today in person at the Spinning Yarns Festival. It was a fabulous occasion!! Thank you so much to everyone who came along and made me feel so welcome.

I’ll share more about that soon and while I’m staying here on the Causeway Coast I’m also planning on getting more photos of my blanket actually in position on the coastline that inspired it! That will be fun and I can’t wait to share some of those.

In the meantime, here’s Salty with my original yarn – she was there still with us at the start of this blanket journey… 💙

Thank you so much for all your ongoing support – I hope that you’ll love this blanket as much as I do!

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 😄💙


  1. Love it!! I’m heading over to purchase your pattern right now!! Thank you for your beautiful creativity you share with us!!

  2. Beautiful blanket, beautiful story….beautiful picture of Salty. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. Love it so much.

  3. Another lovely design, just finished Rooms with a View which I really enjoyed and looking forward to starting this one.
    Thank you Eleonora!

  4. Absolutely beautiful, I would love to make this someday, I have toooooo many things on the go at the moment……but one day!

  5. Gorgeous design and love the story behind each hexagon which brings our fabulous coast to life
    So disappointed I couldn’t join you today as have been unwell but won’t stop me getting the pattern! X

  6. Sitting at home with my pattern pack and my yarn pack from Lighthouse Yarns.
    We had a wonderful time at your launch of the Causeway blanket and are so looking forward to starting and completing this marvellous and inspiring design based on the north coast of our country. Many happy holidays spent there when I was a child and still a favourite place to visit.
    Thank you so much.xx

  7. Just love your design. As a keen crocheter I’m so lucky to be able to spend most of the spring and summer on the causeway coast and can relate to this beautiful throw. I will definitely be making this over the winter months ready to return with it to the coast next year.

  8. Stunning blanket and love the inspiration behind each hexagon pattern I feel like I’ve been on the journey with you all. Thanks so much for sharing your design skills with us xxx

  9. Hi Eleonora, love, love, love it 😊 I was so looking forward to your next design particularly after the sneak preview! Have just been over to Ravelry and purchased my copy of the pattern. Thank you for all of your hard work it is really so relevant to the area. Kindest regards from Dublin to you and the family. Beth ❤️

  10. Beautiful blanket as always Eleonora and there is always a story behind your designs. I have already purchased the pattern earlier from Ravelry. There are so many of your blankets I have not yet got around to making but always purchase the patterns where possible. I have yet to post a pic of my ‘Postcards with love’ blanket. Need to get permission from somebody appearing in the photo first! Lovely to read the story behind the design. Marilyn x

  11. Loved the story about each hexagon with the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I bought the pattern this morning. Now to look for yarn here in California. Hope I can get close to your same colors. And it was wonderful to see the picture of Salty!!

  12. Beautiful! And as always, thank you for sharing the pictures and stories behind your adventures and crochet creations!

  13. This is such a lovely read! I love your blog posts and adore your designs. Pattern purchased, yarn ordered and while I eagerly await the postman’s delivery I plan on practicing a hexagon!
    I am so glad Salty featured in your photos – I know how he is missed; I lost my sweet Reggie earlier this year too. Thank you for another wonderful pattern!

  14. Such a lovely pattern and the photos that go with each hexagon and the story behind each one is lovely. I have never done hexagons before, so this will be something different. The pattern is already bought and downloaded. Wool ordered just waiting for it to arrive to start such a wonderful pattern.

  15. Such a beautiful blanket. I will definitely need to crochet this as every hexagon represents somewhere I’ve been. I live in Carrickfergus, near Whitehead, which I visit often and have a caravan on the Causeway Coast, so the Dark Hedges, Ballintoy, Runkerry Beach and the Causeway are close to our hearts. Thanks for this wonderful pattern. I’m off to get started.

  16. Dear Eleanora, I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful design! I much appreciate the hexagon pattern, which allows the size of the blanket to be easily adapted, by making more or less hexagons. I also find it helpful that the pattern is published complete, and not as a CAL or weekly, as this allows me to plan ahead which hexagons to make next, and to decide on a different colourway. I love that the hexagon pattern is so simple and easy to adapt to other projects – like a matching rug in heavy cotton. I will be adapting this to use a different colourway using Schachenmayr Soft and Easy, which is a little heavier than DK, and a 4,5 hook, to get a bigger blanket as a bedspread. Sending love to you.

  17. That’s a beautiful blanket Eleonora! Seeing your inspiration from naturally formed geologic hexagons—exciting. I feel inspiration straight from nature too. Hope everone can get out under the sun often: been too rainy here in Massachusetts.

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