A Crochet Chat!

Hello Everyone… 🥰💙

It’s been a little while since I recorded a crochet chat for my YouTube channel…

So here it is… a catch up of all things ‘Coastal Crochet’ and there’s a new tune composed by my son too… 🎵

There’s an update on my daughter’s prom dress and news of a new CAL… Enjoy!

Here are the various links I mention:

1) Yarn Bombing Festival: https://www.facebook.com/yarnbombingt… Send crochet contributions to: Lucia Santorelli, Piazza Fontana, 47, 86029 Trivento, Italy

2) King Cole Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KingColeCAL/

3) Carry on Crafting Festival: https://carryoncraftingfestival.co.uk

4) Henryettas Hooks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/henry…

5) Sheepers Slipper Kits: https://www.sheepers.co.uk DISCOUNT CODE: KATE

6) Knitting Network ‘Coastal Crochet’ kits: https://tidd.ly/3q8bSUy

Happy crocheting Everyone… 😄💙


  1. Thank you for a lovely start to my day, watching your delight in sharing your crochet life with us. I smiled while I watched and you inspire me to make use of all the wool I have acquired! I always love your seaside views as I’m too far away from a beach here in West Yorkshire 🥰😍🧶🥰😍🧶

  2. Really enjoyed listening to your chat while I had my coffee this morning. The music your son composes is beautiful, he certainly has a talent for it. Looking forward to the CALs as always and joining in another great crochet experience. Take care and thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Hello Eleonora, I found your blog through the knitting network and started with the Stash busting blanket, this has reignited my love of crochet, i am loving all the instructions and accompanying videos, it has made me explore lots of different crochet patterns and techniques. Can’t wait to join my first CAL Thank you,

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed watching your post Eleanora. I’ve been a fan for quite a while now. Your work is impeccable and always gets me excited to pick up my hook. Your explanation of what you’re working on with the blue wavey pattern has me thoroughly enticed. So looking forward to your publication of that one, as well as more stash busters. Take good care…enjoy your mother/daughter trip…and happy hooking.

  5. Hi! Silly thought here…I retired expecting to read the great literature of the world. Instead I start crocheting at 7:30am and don’t stop till 10:00pm!!! I’ve become obsessed!!! What’s wrong with me?? Anyone else in my happy boat? Blessings, Francis

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