Asymmetrical Poncho for Inside Crochet…

Hello everyone… I’m sending love and good wishes from the south east coast and have a new crochet design to show you… 💙

This is my ‘Asymmetrical Poncho’ design and the pattern can be found in the new issue of Inside Crochet magazine (Issue 145) which is out now…

The theme for Issue 45 is ‘new shoots’ and it’s all about celebrating those first signs of spring with fresh shades and lighter seasonal garments.

My Asymmetrical Poncho is certainly a lighter kind of poncho… not one for keeping cosy and warm in winter, but rather a more glamorous cover-up for wearing in the warmer seasons!

I love experimenting with hooks and yarns, and this poncho incorporates 4 different yarn thicknesses to create an interesting lacy fabric. I used Scheepjes yarns, from a 2 ply lace weight through to an Aran weight.

Hook sizes are changed throughout the pattern to correspond with the different yarn thicknesses and I used a 2 mm through to a 6 mm. The 2 ply yarn is used throughout the whole design, sometimes on its own with a 2 mm hook, but then also doubled up together with the thicker yarns so that it’s a constant throughout. I loved using the yarns in this way… it’s unusual but very effective and I’m really happy with the end result!

The team at Inside Crochet have styled it beautifully… I was so happy to see these photos!

And my own daughter modelled it beautifully for me too…

Spot Salty!

I love the asymmetrical shaping of the poncho which is easily achieved. It creates an off-shoulder styling which is perfect for covering up during spring or summer gatherings…

So there you go, something a little different and I hope you like it…

In other Coastal Crochet news, I’m happy to announce that Salty and I are going to the ‘Carry on Crafting Festival’ from 8th – 10th July! The festival will be at the South of England Showground in Ardingly, East Sussex:

I’ll be there camping and having fun but also bringing aaaaalll my blankets with me and doing a talk on both the Saturday and Sunday… tickets are available now for this fabulous event. Maybe Salty and I will see you there… can’t wait!!

A crafty gathering is always wonderful!

And a little coastal inspiration to share with you. We spent a two nights in Bournemouth a couple of weeks ago after dropping our eldest son at the airport to fly out to Costa Rica with Raleigh International for a 10 week volunteering expedition. Bournemouth is a beautiful coastal town which is about 150km west along the coast from us. And what spectacular beach huts there are…

Oh the colours are just fabulous and unlike our local beach, Bournemouth is sandy!

It was good to spend some time in this beautiful coastal place, especially as we were feeling really emotional having said goodbye to our son at the airport. It was a welcome and much needed distraction! We’ve heard from our son and it sounds like he’s having an absolutely amazing experience… here are a couple of photos he’s shared with us…💚💚💚

Costa Rica

And back at home on the Sussex coast, after some very stormy weather last weekend, it’s now calm and bright and the sunsets have been wonderful…

They are much needed moments of calm and tranquility when I go outside to watch and capture these sunsets, especially in a world that seems very uncertain at present.

Take care, stay safe and Happy Crocheting Everyone… 💙


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