Autumn Horizons…

Here’s a new crocheted shawl design from me and it’s called ‘Autumn Horizons’!

The written pattern is available to purchase in my Ravelry store here… Autumn Horizons Shawl

And here in my Etsy shop…

Etsy- Autumn Horizons Shawl

A wide triangular shawl which wraps right around your neck and is perfectly timed for keeping warm during these new autumn days! 🍂🍁

I’ve designed it using two contrasting coloured 100g skeins of 4ply hand dyed yarns.

I was kindly sent a couple of skeins of beautiful hand dyed yarn from Sarah at Bishie Barnabees Crochet – Sarah asked which colours I would like and I said “surprise me”! When I received these gorgeous autumnal colours it got me feeling all inspired…

Kelp Forest and Spiced Pumpkin

I love how designs can come about from different kinds of inspiration… for this shawl it really was created because beautiful yarn in beautiful colours just came my way! 🧡💚

Autumn has finally arrived here on the south coast. We swam in the sea last Sunday during the final warm sunny days of summer. That’s my daughter you can see out there…

…but this week I wouldn’t dream of it! Rough seas and oh so much colder! But we did enjoy a wonderful woodland walk last week… perfect for showcasing my new shawl!

It was a glorious woodland walk… just look at these beautiful trees… still looking green but autumnal changes definitely starting…

And of course, here are some coastal photos I took for you to enjoy too…

I do love finishing my shawls off with a little stitch marker at the point… this time it’s a little heart! 💙

And some tassels to finish too…

I’ve used tall raised stitches to create the wide edge to the shawl… I’m really happy with it!

So as the autumn days unfold, I hope you enjoy getting your shawls out again and maybe you’ll crochet this one too! 💚🧡🍂🍁

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. The stitch pattern is lovely! The colorways used are pleasantly unexpected! This shawl is a winner, for sure! Why have I not thought to put a pretty stitch marker at tip??? Beautiful work, Eleonora!

  2. What a beautiful sunny day today – no not the weather – but the fact that you have yet again designed another beautiful pattern. Just ordered my ‘Kelp and Pumpkin’ so will enjoy this as soon as it arrives, hook at the ready. Last night was cold, and as I didn’t get the chance to try out my beautiful ‘Covid Beach Blanket’ by the sea, I put it on my bed last night – and its beautiful pattern and colours made a great start to my day. Thank you Eleonora, for sharing your wonderful designs…more to come soon, I hope.

  3. Hi Eleonora. I love the new shawl you have designed which can also be worn as a scarf. I have just purchased it on Ravelry and downloaded it. Can I ask, are the tassels you have made, actual tassels or is it more like fringing and fold the strands in half, pull through with a crochet hook, then pull the ends through to form a knot to secure? It may be some time before I get around to making it but I know it will be enjoyable as I loved making the seaside blanket (ashamed to say, I still haven’t got around to blocking it yet and completing with the edging but when I do, I promise to send a pic!). Look forward to the next blanket. Kind regards Marilyn

      1. Oh great. Can’t wait to see the new blanket. It will be amazing if your others are anything to go by x

      2. ps I agree with Leah, lovely idea to put a stitch marker at the tip, I hadn’t thought of that either but can see me doing it from now on. Any ideas anyone where to get unusual stitch markers? x

  4. very nice, have you made a shawl with pockets yet. Everyone is going crazy over them. So I made two for gifts. With the way the world is now hope you have been safe from this virus.

  5. I’m so excited to be starting this gorgeous shawl but as a newby to crochet (7 months, 8 blankets down the line – no guessing why!) it may well be Spring before its finished! As some of the stitches are new to me, where should I look to find out how to do them please?

  6. Geod morning Eleanor – I’m so excited about starting this beautiful shawl. It’s going to be a challenge and it ay be spring before I get it done as I am a crochet newby (7 months/8 fairly simple blankets – no prizes for guessing why but they are keeping me sane!). Some of the stitches are new to me in this pattern – where can I look for help please?

  7. Hi Eleanor, I just discovered your blog!!
    It really is an inspiration with so many lovely designs and all the beautiful posts about the sea. I used to live not far from the east coast of Yorkshire and I really do miss it.
    I am an activity provider online, and part of my marketing strategy you seemed to have nailed with your blog!
    For me, my blog requires a complete overhaul, and that is when I found your blog too. I just found that I could repost my live about recycling doilies from YouTube video straight onto My blog. Not quite sure if I can do it again , but I will give it a go.
    I have been preoccupied with Instagram and noticed you were there too. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t go to my first Yarndale this year. Anyway I just managed to do my first ‘reel’ on Instagram, so a bit of progress made there!
    All the best and stay safe, Roz x

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