Sea Anemone Crochet Inspiration…

Back in May, when I was filming the video to accompany Week 7 of my Beachcombing Blanket crochet along, I came across the most beautiful sea anemone in one of the rock pools along our local beach. It really was the best one I’ve seen in all the 9 years that we’ve lived in our coastal location…

So often they are closed up at low tide so we don’t see them in their full glory! But this one was just perfect. I did a little research and discovered that it is a ‘Beadlet Anemone’ and you can read more about it here…

Well it got my creative juices flowing and I felt inspired to somehow replicate it using crochet! I am still slowly working through Part 2 of the International Diploma in Crochet which I started a few years ago and one of the final samples I need to submit is for a piece of crochet using 4 different thicknessses of yarns in an artistic way. Well this fitted the brief perfectly!

I chose yarns I already had in my stash. From a very thin cotton thread through to a 4 ply cotton, a DK weight linen and an aran weight cotton.

And I just loved letting my hooks get going! No pre-planned stitches, no instructions to follow and no pattern writing… it felt wonderful and quite liberating! 🙂

And here’s my progress…

Some essential blocking – this photo was taken late in the evening so apologies for the poor picture quality…

And there it was! My crocheted version of the beautiful sea anemone…

I had so much fun with this! As a crochet designer I’m so often having to think about recording my step by step progress as I crochet so that the design can eventually be written up as a pattern and replicated by others. But just crocheting this sea anemone for the pure pleasure was an absolute joy… 🙂

I went back a couple of weeks later to see if the anemone was still there. I had remembered the exact location of the rock pool. And I was delighted to see that not only was it still there but it had been joined by some others!

It was a fabulous discovery to find this particular sea anemone on our local beach and a joy to replicate the image of it in crochet… hope you like it too!

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. Absolutely beautiful Eleonora! Loved seeing the anemone in the rock pool and seeing your representation of it in crochet, perfect! Interesting link to read about it too. I live in a seaside village on the east coast but we have no rock pools…and every year alot less beach, so love to see the south coast of my childhood…
    Thank you!

  2. Fantastic Eleonora! I must admit I made myself a little bet at the time that he’d feature in a future blanket!! (Wishing Id our more money on it now….. doh!) 🤣👍👏👏👏

    1. Sorry for typos..! Meant to say ‘Wishing I’d put more money on it…’ 💪😁

  3. You are an inspiration and not just fit my crochet but getting me out on the beach. Fresh air and fitness

  4. Wow. I love it Eleonora. I think the opportunity for you to freestyle this has made it look so Organic and naturalistic. Well done you 😘

  5. You’re such a gifted creative artist! I loved this, it´s a beautiful recreation of a scene. And in yarn, nonetheless! Congratularions, I´m predicting an A+

  6. Such a beautiful crocheted replica of your anemone , it’s such a lovely creative piece , you deserve a highly recommend for this one , and to have them reproducing , if that’s what they are doing lol, a family of anemones

  7. Eleonora, your creations are amazing. Thank you for sharing you creativity and talent with us. I miss your seaside videos.

  8. Such a lovely glow, I think you have done it proud. I envy the way you are inspired. I think I need to look around me a bit more when I am walking my dogs. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Amazing Eleonora, isn’t nature beautiful and so inspiring all around us! And your crochet interpretation is very artistic! Lovely photos and story, thanks for sharing with us ~ Stef

  10. What a beautiful find and even more exciting to see that it had been joined by others! Best of all though is knowing that you get so much pleasure too from crochet in the same way you gift that to us. Thank you for sharing your stunning work with us not to mention your talent.

  11. Wow! That’s so impressive Eleonora! You’ve done such a wonderful job of recreating the anemone in yarn! I love the blue beads especially – on the real thing and your interpretation. 🙂

  12. This really amazing, I love how you capture such a beautiful part of nature. Thank you for sharing, I shared with my granddaughter that loves the sea life and all nature things.

  13. Eleonora, What Talent!!! Both the photographs and the crocheting. I live in Utah and have to travel to see anemones. I’ve seen some beautiful ones in my time. I’d love to live near the ocean. If you ever do a patterns for this I would absolutely love it. Again….Double beautiful!!!
    (I wish I could someday crochet like that)
    Barbra Knight

  14. Wow amazing, I’ve never seen freehand crochet before, I’ve just found you on Facebook and am in awe of all your designs, just started SSBB and I know it’ll be the first of many of them, thank you

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