Granny Square Month CAL 2020…

Perfectly timed after my Beachcombing Blanket is a new Crochet Along (CAL) that started on 1st July. It’s being organised and hosted by Hobbycraft.

25 days, 25 squares and 25 different designers! 🙂

The introduction can be found here…

Hobbycraft Granny Square Month CAL 2020

I took part last year and it was really fun to see all the designs come together. I’m really happy to take part again this year and be one of the designers for the project which has been brilliantly organised by Emily, ‘Yarn Master’ from Hobbycraft. 🙂 💕

My square is number 3 out of 25 and has been released today! A square fully inspired by one of my Beachcombing Blanket squares – you’ll know the one!! 😉 💙

I was approached to take part whilst I was in the midst of putting together my Beachcombing Blanket so I needed to keep the design process for this square simple for my own wellbeing! And why not design a square based on one of my existing designs? I adore the ammonite and it’s lovely to be able to get it out there again in a different design… 🙂

And this year Hobbycraft is challenging people to use their own stash and try lots of different colour combinations each day to create a truly unique blanket… sounds fun doesn’t it!? 🙂

So here’s another colour combination for my square…

Of course you don’t have to make the whole blanket! Dip into the designs you like over the next month… there will be a fabulous mix with so many different designers involved.

Doing a design for Hobbycraft always reminds me of my previous designs for them…

My Coastal Wall Hanging 🌊

My Crocheted Campfire 🔥

And the Starfish square was my contribution to the Granny Square Month CAL last year! My starfish square was Day 6 if you’re interested…

Here it is together with this years squares…

And I was lucky to see last years actual blanket and a few of my fellow designers at the Hobbycraft Christmas Press Show 2019…

Alas, no opportunities to meet up this year… but isn’t it wonderful how all this technology still allows us to virtually crochet along together!

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. I truly love the way your environment is reflected in your work. I live in the Hogsback mountains and so much of what I crochet (when I choose the colours) is in forest and earth colours. Currently dreaming of a poncho in mossy tones with Autumn leaves in glowing hues all over the front and back… I’m relatively new to crochet, but so inspired by the unique creativity of your designs. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

  2. I did love crocheting the ammonite square in my beach combing blanket, I think it was one of my favourites. The square looks beautiful!

  3. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.
    We are DNA Design Studio. If you have some time, it would be nice to visit our page.
    There are some works you might like. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Hello! I love these squares however am completely failing at finding the pattern for the starfish square anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction? I tried searching for the 2019 CAL.

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