Yarndale 2019

img_3454Last year I visited Yarndale for the very first time which I wrote about here. Yarndale is described as a “creative festival celebrating all things woolly and wonderful”. And it really is so very wonderful! 🙂

I loved it so much that, although I wasn’t planning on returning for a second year (it’s a very long way from home), I felt compelled to somehow make it happen and to be there. And I’m so glad I did… 🙂

I’ve written a blog post below with lots of photos but this year I also did a video of our day which I’ve uploaded to my YouTube and you can click on to see here. I’m really pleased with this… for those of you who aren’t able to get to Yarndale, I hope it gives you a snapshot of what it’s like…  ENJOY! 🙂



Last year we camped and cycled in… this year it was different and just my daughter and I went travelling by train with an overnight stay in a hotel in Leeds. We left home at 15.30 on Friday afternoon getting the train from Brighton to London Victoria, the underground across the city to London Kings Cross and then the train to Leeds. We arrived in Leeds at 21.00. The next day we got the train into Skipton arriving by 10.00 and left after a full day at 18.20. We were back home at midnight!! So although it was a mammoth journey and a flying visit, it really was worth every mile travelled.. 🙂

And travelling by train has the added benefit of ‘train crochet’! Those long journeys where one of the best ways to pass the time is crocheting… here I started an easy shawl with some gorgeous yarn from Undercover Otter that I’ve had a for a while…


There really is so much at Yarndale and it is of course in such a beautiful area…


Whether it’s shopping for the most amazing yarns and yarn related things, seeing so much inspiration and brilliant makes or just meeting lots of like minded people.


For me it was the meeting and chatting to fellow designers and some of you lovely followers that was really very special. Yarndale is the one place I can go where I know I’ll get a chance to see lots of people I have regular contact with online. And as this was my second year, it felt so comfortable and familiar! Like meeting old friends (and lots of new ones too)… 🙂


@crochetdeli img_3420img_3411

@homemadeatmyplace and @peterb195 img_3468

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@thewoolnest and @fran.morg img_3545img_3410

And there was of course the amazing ‘Yarn Walk’ and yarn bombs in the local park…


And the amazing mandalas… both inside…

… and outside!


And then there’s the walk along the canal in Skipton admiring the boats (look at the crochet I spotted in the window of a narrowboat)!…


Our day was rounded off perfectly with a visit to Coopers Café and a delicious coffee to see us on our way…


Visiting Yarndale this year gave me a wonderful familiar feeling that made it feel a little like coming home… and yes, I really really want to go again next year!! 🙂 🙂

Thank you for following along and Happy Crocheting Everyone! 🙂


  1. Thankyou so much for the Utube and blog, made my day, being so far away in NZ. Caro NZ.

  2. Everything looks very lush and green. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. Would love the pattern to the shawl you’re working on the train

  3. Lovely video and pictures, a fabulous reminder of our lovely day meeting and chatting with Eleonora and Bronwyn …… hope to see you both next year at Yarndale 🥳

  4. So nice to see your Yarndale film to remind me of previous visits (I live in Leeds so very near Skipton) I couldn’t come this year as I have been bitten in the foot by my neighbour’s dog and fell, also breaking my arm! I’m also having to rest from crochet and knitting so time drags. Hopefully next September I’ll be fit and ready for Yarndale 2020!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the film Frances! We had an overnight stop in Leeds, not doing any justice to Leeds itself… it looked beautiful from the little we saw! I hope you recover from your events quickly! And yes, hope to see you next year as I’ll do my best to get there again… 🙂 🙂

  5. I love, love, love the scarf you’re wearing with your jean jacket. Please, please share the pattern and yarn used.

    1. Kathy, it’s the Blooming Flower Shawl, the pattern is available from Eleonora’s ravelry store along with information about the yarn used👍🏻🧶

      1. Thank you, Eleonora, for sharing with us your visit to Yarndale and giving us the chance to see what it is like. I live on the other hemisphere of the world but still I hope one day I will be able to go myself to such a great festival!

  6. Eleanora, Thank you for taking the time to do the video and share with all of us who haven’t been to Yarndale (yet..!). It looks more wonderful than I had imagined – so much yarn and so many happy people 💕💕

  7. Thank you for your write up of Yarndale. It certainly sounds great.
    As West Aussie, I had a chuckle about you travelling about 200 miles. We don’t think twice about driving that distance and returning in a day. I know it’s very different conditions.
    I’m glad you found it worthwhile. I’m jealous. Keep up your designing. Thanks, Jane.

    1. Awww… thank you so much Jane! How funny, the difference in thought about travelling all those miles! The trouble here is that we often have very heavy traffic so everything takes 3 times longer than it could!! 🤣😂❤️❤️

  8. Love the video thank you! I really want to go next year now, but Im not sure I could afford it, how would I decide what to buy and what to leave!!

  9. Thank you once again for a fun trip to Yarndale. I have a mandala somewhere among all of those on display, and one of my butterflies made its way across the pond last year to find a home on one of the display boards there. Such an amazing event and a beautiful part of England, One of these days this Texas girl will make that trip. We also think nothing of traveling long distances even For a few hours visit with friends, and to return home on the same day.
    Thanks for taking all of us along on your visit!

  10. I went to Yarndale in 2016 – I planned our entire five week UK holiday itinerary around that weekend to make sure I would be close enough to go. It was so worth it and I had a wonderful time. It looks like you did as well, worth the train trip every year I suspect.

  11. Beautiful pictures! I will have to plan a trip! The scarf you are wearing in the pictures, do you have a pattern, and yarn choice? It is beautiful! Thank you!

  12. Oh thank you for sharing this! I am coming over to the U.K. in September from Australia! Mum asked if there was anything I would like to do and I said Yarndale! I follow you on Instagram! Love seeing the beautiful works of art that you post!

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