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Update 2023: This was an alternative colour-way of my Seaside Stash Busting Blanket. Yarn packs are no longer available but all the colours I used in this Seaside Blanket are listed below and they correspond with the Yarns A – J in my pattern here:

The colours of Stylecraft Special DK I used are:

• Yarn A: Turquoise (1068)
• Yarn B: White (1001)
• Yarn C: Stone (1710)
• Yarn D: Cornish Blue (1841)
• Yarn E: Empire (1829)
• Yarn F: Spearmint (1842)
• Yarn G: Apricot (1026)
• Yarn H: Grey (1099)
• Yarn I: Aster (1003)
• Yarn J: Sherbet (1034)

The original blog post from 2019:

This has been my behind the scenes crochet summer project and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you all! This is my ‘Seaside Blanket‘!

It’s not a new design… it is of course my ‘Seaside Stash Busting Blanket‘ without the stash busting part! Hence this colour way is simply called the ‘Seaside Blanket’

I used 10 balls of Stylecraft Special DK plus 2 balls of Stylecraft Eskimo for the border…


My ‘Seaside Stash Busting Blanket’ Crochet Along which I hosted in 2018 was such a wonderful project and it will always have a very special place in my heart… I tried to capture some of those feelings in the final blog post last year which you can read here


My original blanket was a genuine stash buster but I always admired those blankets which people were making at the time (and even now) which were crocheted with carefully chosen and pre-planned colours.

I’ve wanted to do another blanket ever since, so when the lovely team at The Knitting Network approached me and suggested doing yarn packs for the blanket I thought this is my chance to make my blanket again using all new colours that I can carefully choose…

…and I’m so happy with the end result… I really love it! 🙂



Crocheting this Seaside Blanket with the intention of producing yarn packs has also got me to finally put the pattern in a compact printer friendly format! I’m regularly asked if the pattern is available in a smaller format because the original pattern is spread out over 35 weekly blog posts! Well finally I’ve done it and it comes printed with the yarn pack…


We’ve been enjoying some glorious warm sunny September days and the photo opportunities have been just perfect…

Here’s Salty with a sneak preview photo I shared over on Instagram yesterday…


And here is my new Seaside Blanket next to the original Seaside Stash Busting Blanket! 🙂


I hope you like it as much as I do… and I hope some of you will crochet your own Seaside Blanket! The Facebook Coastal Crochet CAL group is going strong and there’s a wonderful community of crochet lovers sharing progress and advice in there… do join if you’re not already a member… it’s lovely to be a part of. 🙂

The super observant amongst you may have noticed me crocheting my new Seaside Blanket in recent blog posts. I started it at the ‘Pitch up and Stitch‘ gathering I went on back in June and was crocheting it on Branscombe Beach. I used the opportunity to photograph it next to the original…


…and then it came with us to the Black Forest too!


It really has been a joy for me to crochet this blanket again… 🙂 Choosing these 10 coastal colours and having it gradually grow over the summer months has been happy crochet for me indeed! 🙂

And here are all my recent blanket designs rolled up together on the beach…

Thank you for following my crochet adventures and Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. Ooh. How lovely. Beautiful colours and it always has been a gorgeous design. I shall add this to my list of wannabe wips. Thank you Eleonora x

  2. The knitting network and PayPal make ordering very easy. I am very happy to receive the new printed instructions. I am also looking forward to working with the Eskimo yarn. Thank you again for making this available!

      1. Oh, thanks. I have six of those, but may buy the kit anyway, mostly just to get the printed pattern! And there’s nothing wrong with having more yarn!

  3. I saw the blanket on the knitting network and loved the patterns and colours. I can do the basic stitches chain, double and treble and was so tempted to try your blanket I bought the kit. I have reached the popcorn row 54 and watched how to do it on utube which describes what I know as a treble as a double. Have I gone wrong? The blanket is looking great and very similar to yours. I don’t know how to get on your blog which is why I utubed an American site.

      1. Thank you for answering my query . I watched your popcorn demo and realised i am doing it correctly. I do love all these different stitches.

  4. Hello. I have just seen your lovely pattern and want to make this for my son. I just want to make it with one different color than the “pink” one and also longer, about 180-200 cm.
    Can you help me with 2 questions?
    1. How much more yarn do I need?
    2. Cut I make 8 rows instead of 4 and still follow the pattern without changing anything?
    I really love this pattern, it looks so beautiful 🙏❤ thanks from Suzanne in Denmark

    1. Hello Suzanne… the pattern is very adaptable and you can choose which rows to do so long as you keep consistent with the stitch count of 180. If you want to replace the pink colour then just add in another 100g ball of Stylecraft Special dk in the colour of your choice. Good luck and enjoy! 😊

  5. Olá! Amei o design da manta, seria possível comprar o gráfico em pdf para imprimir aqui? Moro no Brasil.
    Obrigada! Fernanda Mazzer

  6. Hello Eleonora,
    I love the colors of this blanket. I want to make one with the following size: 200x 220 cm. Can you tell me how many yarn I need (approximate).
    Kind regards,
    Anna Corbey
    The Netherlands

      1. Thank you for your quick reply Eleonora! I think the blanket is four times as big as yours. I thought first that it was only double your blanket, but that is only in the width, we have to adjust the length too!! So probably I need at least 30 x 100 grams.

  7. Eleonora, is it possible to buy the pattern of the Seaside blanket since the kit is sold out. I want just to buy the yarn now. I saw the pattern of the seaside stash busting blanket, but i need to know which colour is when used. Kind regards, Anna

    1. Hi Anna… if you purchase the pattern for the Seaside Stash Busting Blanket over on my Ravelry store then you’ll see it is written for 10 colours labelled A – J. They relate to these colours used in this Seaside Blanket…

      • Yarn A: Turquoise (1068)
      • Yarn B: White (1001)
      • Yarn C: Stone (1710)
      • Yarn D: Cornish Blue (1841)
      • Yarn E: Empire (1829)
      • Yarn F: Spearmint (1842)
      • Yarn G: Apricot (1026)
      • Yarn H: Grey (1099)
      • Yarn I: Aster (1003)
      • Yarn J: Sherbet (1034)
      Good luck! 😊💙

  8. Thank you so much Eleonora!! I am going to order the yarn soon. I still doubt about Scheepjes Colour crafter of Stylecraft special, hmmm….

      1. Thank you Eleonora! I just ordered the pattern. Spreek je ook nog steeds Nederlands?

      2. De volgende keer spreken we Nederlands!
        Hartelijke groet,

  9. I am thinking of starting this blanket. Can you guide me as to how many stitches I need for a single blanket size approximately. Or multiples of how many? I am a new crocheter who just started recently and came across your blog Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sharan… I haven’t based this pattern on a stitch multiple. As I designed it as we went, I adjusted each row to keep consistent with my 180 sts. But many people are doing it smaller or bigger…. so long as you keep consistent with your chosen stitch count and adjust the turning chains accordingly (as you may start and end with a different stitch to me) it will work… good luck! 😊❤️

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