Driftwood Christmas Trees and Driftwood with Crochet…

You all know I love to combine coastal finds with crochet… from crocheting around pebbles or sea glass to using driftwood. This weekend I’m very excited to be travelling to the North West of England to host a workshop at the wonderful Crochet Sanctuary and at the workshop I’m planning to share some crochet and driftwood ideas… 🙂

But first you need to find it and we don’t tend to get too much driftwood washed up along our stretch of shoreline. But there does seem to be lots in Cornwall. We were lucky to visit Cornwall recently and I enjoyed searching for driftwood on the beaches and fortunately found lots which I’m hoping to be able to share with people at the workshop…

I love the look and feel of driftwood… the way the sea water and waves have smoothed and shaped the wood over time and the sun’s rays have lightened the wood to give it the weathered look and light colour we all recognise.

It can be incorporated with crochet in so many ways and here’s what I have done in the past…

  • and my seaglass…
  • Sticking crochet onto it – here of course is my original ‘Coastal Crochet’ logo sign…
  • And I often use pieces of driftwood as a backdrop for my crochet photography…

Now this time it’s all about Christmas and I wanted to make driftwood Christmas trees to hang my crochet from and also some driftwood Christmas table decorations…

Here are two Driftwood Christmas trees I have recently made…

…and here I’ll share how I made them.

First arrange the driftwood pieces into a tree shape with the longer pieces at the bottom and gradually getting shorter…

Then drill holes into the centre of each piece…

Choose a base..

Then get a metal rod which will be the centre of the tree – I got a piece from a local DIY store…



It may need to be cut to size with a metal hacksaw (please be careful of fingers!)

Then secure this onto the base of your tree before winding each piece of driftwood on…

…add lights, add decorations or simply leave them natural – your Driftwood Christmas tree!

So simple but so effective!

Alternatively, simply add a crochet garland and little lights to a single piece of driftwood that can then be used to lay on the table during Christmas dinner… adds a little something special to the festivities and doesn’t get knocked over like some table decorations!

These are just a few ideas… the possibilities really are endless!

Enjoy… 🙂


  1. I am very keen on driftwood and other beach treasures, but really LOVE your Christmas trees! I dont live near the sea, so wont be able to make my own this year. Thank you for sharing such lovely ideas.

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  2. Oh I loved seeing your ideas! We have had a large driftwood hanging tree for several years now. We love it as it takes up far less space. We can still get the lovely scent of pine by swathing the beams in garlands. I love the table decoration idea. Definitely going to do this.
    🌳🍃 🌲 🎄

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  3. Wonderful! We were in S Wales this weekend, I should have read your post before we left as there were many pieces of driftwood on the beach. I’ll just have to remember to collect some next time. Particularly love the wood,crochet, lights idea for Christmas table

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  4. Great ideas, we have lots of driftwood not too far away, I use a nice piece as doorstop, I will try some of your ideas.
    A shame I cant be at your workshop !!!!! Caro NZ.

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  5. I am a driftwood crafter as well! I love your take on driftwood trees! I have trouble getting my driftwood bases to sit still and not wobble or rock once I load all the branches on. Do you have tips on how to steady my driftwood bases? I have used lumber blocks in the past (which are so much easier and sturdier to work with!) but got “complaints” from shoppers that the look was to industrial and lackluster. Any instructions you can offer is appreciated! Thank you!!

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