Marriner Yarns – a yarn review…

Have any of you heard of the British yarn company Marriner Yarns ? Have you used any of their yarns before? I had not heard of them until very recently when they contacted me reaching out to see if I would be interested in getting to know their yarns a little more. I like this kind of collaboration… it’s a two way process which works well for everyone – I get free samples of yarn kindly sent to me and in return the company of course gets some free advertising!

I was very happy to say yes and agreed to try some yarns and come up with some new designs as well as review the yarns on my blog. Although the yarn samples were sent to me free, I’m under no obligation to write anything other than my own thoughts… 🙂

So I received a big parcel of yarns… it’s always wonderful to get yarn through the post and this was no exception- what a fine package it was!

I just had to take a more artistic photo of the yarns piled high in our front garden.. they look good there don’t they…

The yarns are all very affordable and I would say that Marriner Yarns are good value yarns at low prices…their 100g DK acrylic is just £1 per ball! The yarns sent to me were mostly of an acrylic content, some blended with wool and there is a range of cotton yarns available too. I was very excited to read on the Marriner Yarns website blog romney-marsh-sheep-update that they have now got their own flock of sheep with a view to producing their own ‘Marriner wool’ in the near future- I really love the sound of that!

When looking through the yarns over on the website when I was considering which yarns I’d like to try, I was immediately drawn to the ‘Empress Chunky’ range.

These chunky balls of yarn come in 100g balls and are a good mix of 80% acrylic with 20% wool – oh and the colours! It’s a variegated yarn with fabulous colour combinations and the shade names are all coastal and water inspired! They have Lagoon, Sandcastle, Atlantic, Pacific, Ocean and Seashell – how perfect for me is that! I chose the Lagoon colourway with its blues, greens and browns and couldn’t resist crocheting with it straight away…

I thought of a ‘one ball’ hat… 1 ball of yarn to make 1 hat… and I love the way chunky yarn grows so quickly!

…and I absolutely love the finished hat! I can honestly say it’s sooo comfortable and was perfectly timed for a cold spell of weather that came our way…

I’m going to be making a matching shawl or scarf so will release the pattern as a set once finished. I absolutely adore this yarn… there were no knots in the yarn at all and it crocheted up beautifully and super quick… I would say try not to make any mistakes because when I tried to unravel a little of my own crochet it was tricky as the yarn kept catching, probably due to the wool content.

As for the other yarns, well they have a range called ‘Mermaid’ (another perfect ‘Coastal Crochet’ name)…

And I crocheted these into a set of coasters…

It’s good value acrylic and again I like the colours.

I haven’t yet got round to crocheting with the other yarns…

I just need more hours in the day to get round to crocheting the ideas I have got for some of these yarns.

I’m a yarn lover through and through… and Marriner Yarns provides very good value yarns. Their DK acrylic is one of the best value I’ve seen. The colour ranges on their cotton and DK acrylic are limited though compared to some bigger yarn companies.

I love variety and although I adore hand dyed yarns from independent yarn dyers, unusual and specialist yarns as well as huge colour choices from bigger companies, there is certainly a place for good value yarns like Marriners.

And for me it’s the ‘Empress Chunky’ that wins the day in this yarn review – I loved it so much that I can honestly say I ordered some more, this time as a paying customer… I have a queue of loved ones wanting a hat so I purchased a ball in the Sandcastle colourway and another in Atlantic…

Empress Chunky is a unique yarn in gorgeous colours and I would certainly recommend it for quick and easy crochet projects. Very soon I’ll share my ‘One Ball Hat’ and Shawl patterns using Empress Chunky…

Happy Crocheting Everyone! 🙂


  1. I use a lot of Mariner Mermaid mainly to knit socks. This yarn machine washes really well on a cool cycle.
    I have also incorporated a lot of Mariner Mermaid in my version of your stash busting blanket. Looks fab.

    1. I have also used Marianne yarns but yet to try empress chunky but after seeing your hat i am definitely going to try it. I love reading your posts so thank you and keep up the good work.

  2. Interesting review, I enjoyed reading your views of Marriner yarns so far.
    Certainly looks like you received a nice bundle to try out!!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, think I’ll give the Empress Chunky a try 😊
    Can’t wait for the hat release, I’ve been searching for a pattern to keep me warm on playground duty in the dull, dark days of December…!

      1. Thanks Eleonora!
        I’ve been wearing my Little Box of Crochet anchor shawl this week; it’s lovely and warm but light 😊

  4. What a great selection and wow, the colors! I can see why you would have so many ideas floating around in your head for what to crochet with it all!

  5. I love Mariner yarns! I use their DK acrylic yarn a lot to make all sorts of items, and their mermaid range too and I have a couple of blankets made with these yarns to finish after my Christmas makes.
    For me, I find the yarn more even than some other budget yarns and so they are very easy to work with.
    Good to see a post on Mariner. They don’t seem to get as much attention as they deserve 😊

  6. I am pleased you shared this review with us all. I am very much in favour of supporting independent small businesses. I will definite be visiting the Marriner website and learning more about their wool. I love the mixed sand colour chunky wool and will knit with this as I am still mastering crochet. Thanks Elenor.

  7. I love your hat. Thank you for the review xx
    Please can you or anyone else tell me if any of the yarns are ‘squeaky’ against a metal hook or needles? It’s the kind of squeak that reverberates through one’s body. Thank you xxx

  8. Oh help! Does anyone out there have one single ball of Empress chunky marriner yarn in Lagoon. I have half a sleeve of a jumper to finish – something I started 18 months ago – and I am desperate to source an extra ball.

  9. I use a lot of Marriner yarn as I find it excellent value for money crochets lovely and washes well. My only grumble is they do have a habit of changing the colour combination on the mermaid chunky range. I purchased several balls as it was so bright and vibrant I began making a blanket with it and needed one more ball but the colours that make up carnival are different to what they used to be. That’ll teach me for listening to hubby when he said haven’t you got enough. Lol

  10. Sadly, the 106 year old company that sourced and stocked Marriner Yarns has closed just before Christmas 🙁

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