My Yarn Bomb!

Today, 11th June 2017, is apparently ‘International Yarn Bombing Day’! 🙂 I’m not sure who made that up but it’s a great opportunity to spread a little yarn related joy… Yarn bombing is a light hearted and fun way to brighten some outside places. I love it when I see something covered in a beautiful piece of crochet or knitting.

We saw this fabulous one in Wales last year which I shared in a blog post Wonderful Wales


And (drum roll please 😉 )… here is my very first Yarn Bomb that I put up last week… Yay! 🙂

Yarnbomb 1(And look at that seagull that ‘photo bombed’ the picture too!)

Yarnbomb 3There’s a very long, functional, much needed but ugly railing leading down to our local beach and I’ve been wanting to cover it in crochet for ages. My yarn bomb covers just a small section but I think it’s a whole lot prettier now!Yarnbomb 10It had to be sewn into place so I set my alarm for 05.30 and went down to the beach to begin my yarn bombing operation… it felt like I was on an undercover mission! It took over half an hour to sew it into place and in that time only one early morning dog walker came past.

I’ve been back a few times during the week to check on it and am so pleased to be able to say that as I write this it’s still intact and firmly in position! 🙂 Yay! It’s been up for over a week now and we’ve had some high winds and torrential rain during that time so I’m glad it’s still surviving…

Yarnbomb 6

Having been able to photograph it on different days with different weather and sea conditions, here are some of the photos I’ve taken…


When I shared a photo on Instagram I got an overwhelming response…people really do seem to love this spreading of yarn love. One person did leave the following comment though which I wholeheartedly respect…

“Many people with disabilities and frailties rely on hand rails. Think carefully about maintaining their functionality. Often yarn bombs on hand rails make them dangerous because they slip around or they get wet in the weather and loosen up. Your yarn bomb is pretty and the perfect pallette for the setting, just make sure it is safe.”

That did make me think- of course I would never want to jeopardise anyone’s safety. Fortunately the railing I have covered is more of a safety barrier than a hand rail as it leads from the cliff top down to the beach but I will be keeping a close eye on it… 🙂20170609_100353

And here’s a photo which shows more of the railings… as you can see there’s a whole lot more that could be covered! But that will have to wait… there are just too many other things on my crochet to-do list I’m afraid… 🙂 🙂


Yarn bombs don’t have to be big… some people simply crochet little hearts or flowers and attach them to various things, sometimes inviting the person who discovers them to take them home, which is rather lovely.

Have any of you done this or are you planning anything for today?

It feels so nice to have been able to spread a little yarn joy by yarn bombing this section of railing. And it certainly makes me smile whenever I walk by so I hope it does for others too…

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. It looks perfect there. It would certainly brighten my day if I saw it. How long will you leave it there? I will be back in Solva in July, I hope I remember to check on that sign post to see if the yarn bomb is still there.

    1. It would be great to know if that yarn bomb in Solva is still there… 🙂 That one was so pretty! Glad you like my yarn bomb too. I’m planning on leaving it there as long as possible!! With the full exposure to the salty sea, I’m not sure how long it will last but we shall see… 🙂 🙂

  2. You have made a lovely job of this – interesting stitches and bold colours, it would brighten my day to see it. It looks like the railing is at the side of a road rather than a footpath, so presumably people don’t need to hold on to it as they are walking by.

  3. I think it is lovely and will do just fine! I was wondering did you use like only a specific yarn? like cotton? or a mixture?
    Is 6/11 National Yarn Bomb day?! No Way!!
    I think i’ll be at the park today!

    1. Thank you so much! Did you get down to the park? Yes, it really was International Yarn Bombing day… I used acrylic yarns- acrylic will be able to withstand the elements (wind, rain, sun) better than cottons and wools where the colours can fade very quickly fully exposed to the sun all day. Good Luck! 🙂 🙂

  4. I love it. We, a group of us from ‘knit & stitch’ Upper Riccarton library in Christchurch, New Zealand – yarm bombed a tram last Saturday. As Saturday 10th June, was international knit in public day, so we knitted or crocheted on the tram & then at a cafe. We made loads of bunting, had crocheted blankets on the seats, it was a fantastic day

  5. This is beautiful and makes me smile! The colors and stitches you used are perfect for this rail. Maybe others will be inspired to add some yarny goodness to the other rails!! 😀

  6. I thought it was a super long scarf when we saw the sneak peak, but this is even better! I’ve never yarn-bombed before, but it seems like it would be so much fun

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