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Many of you will know how I love beachcombing nearly as much as crocheting! I can’t help myself when I’m walking our little dog Salty down on the beach.

I’ve written previous blog posts  about some of my beachcombing endeavours ….

Searching for Sea Glass


A Work of Art Washed up on Our Shores

Sea glass has to be my favourite…


…but driftwood is another thing I love to find washed up on the beach. Where does it come from? Fallen from ships out at sea,  set adrift along the coastline, branches from trees in far off places, fallen in en mass or just individual pieces. This is what I found  just this morning…


…and this was a tree trunk that I came across about a year ago. I really wonder where it came from and where it went. Too heavy to move but it wasn’t on the beach for long!


And over the years I’ve turned pieces of driftwood that we’ve found into signs…


…including my sign for ‘Coastal Crochet’!

Coastal Crochet chains on Driftwood

Whilst other pieces of driftwood we’ve made into garden furniture. I can’t take the credit for this gorgeous little coffee table- this is my husbands creation … 🙂


There are fishing crates that get washed onto our shores and I often bring them home turning them into planters for the garden…



I love finding fishing buoys too and have far too many scattered around our garden now…



We have found bones of animals… here is the shoulder blade of a seal…


and my mother turned little driftwood pieces and shells into this decoration that’s hanging in our toilet!


We find obscure things like this ice cream sign…


…and amazingly I recently found this little plastic model of a chick- perfectly timed for the Spring/Easter season!


Of course a lot of this could be considered litter or rubbish and I suppose it is- that’s the sad part of beachcombing when you find rubbish, unpleasant things or worse still  lumps of palm oil that are poisonous for dogs 🙁 🙁 I know that some amazing people do beach cleans either individually like beachcleanart (fellow blogger Wild Daffodil) or through larger organised events such as the Great British Beach Clean organised by the Marine Conservation Society.

By using beachcombing finds to turn into art or simply taking them home because I can’t leave it lying means I’m doing a small bit to keep our local beaches clean and clear. It’s fun too- I always go down to the beach with a sense of anticipation of what I might find…

As for crochet- yes I have been busy behind the scenes but I’m not ready to share what I’m making with these balls of Stylecraft Special DK just yet…


Many Thanks for reading and until next time, happy crocheting or beachcombing! 😉 🙂 🙂


  1. Look at all the lovely treasures you have turned into art! I sure love it all! I love beach combing too, but no sea glass here, driftwood and seashells! Maybe a journey is to look forward to driving the coastline and checking out their treasures thy offer me!

  2. Wow, some of the art creations are simply amazing. Your beach combing sounds so adventurous, never knowing what you will find. I used to have that same sense of wonder when I was a kid, hoping to find something I could turn into something magical. I need to get that back! Your posts certainly inspire me to do so. 😀

    1. Thank you so much Yolanda – I’m so happy that I have inspired you to get a little of that sense of wonder back! Not always easy as an adult- for me it’s the simple pleasures which includes these beach discoveries… Enjoy! 🙂 🙂

  3. You seem to have much more interesting stuff on your beach than on mine, although I did once find loads of fruit washed up. Took the pineapples and mangoes, but the bananas and oranges had seen better days! Must go down to the sea again to look for treasures. Just being there, staring into the wide-open, somehow washes away any worries and finding a little something to bring home makes it so much better.

    1. Thanks Kath- yes I can totally relate to just staring out to sea and having worries washed away… just being on the beach really does do wonders for my creativity and sense of well being! I haven’t found any fruit washed up yet! My local beach is really quiet so there aren’t many people picking things up. I suppose on beaches where there are more people things get picked up sooner! Have fun … 🙂 🙂

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