Another crochet round up…


Another week has flown by and here’s a little round up of the crochet I’ve managed to do…

Last weekend I enjoyed crocheting up the project from my Little Box of Crochet – it was meant to be a mug cosy but although they look so sweet I can’t see myself wrapping my mug in a cosy each time I have a cup of tea or coffee- it’s just not for me. But I did have a few empty jam jars in the cupboard so I wrapped one of those instead and made a crochet hook holder! Now that’s perfect for me- something that looks gorgeous but also has some practical value too – my hooks have never looked so good! 🙂


Then I responded to a request on Instagram from the lovely Rosina at Zeens and Roger to help test a pattern for her. I love this- crocheting something completely out of the blue and helping someone else out at the same time. If it wasn’t for this lovely online community we wouldn’t be able to connect so easily like this so I’m so grateful for it… 🙂 It was a great pattern and a fun little project starting with a spiral…


…and ending up with an oh so cute little bag! It’s a great design and Rosina has published the pattern now, available on Ravelry


Then it was back to the Tunisian crochet samples I need to submit for the crochet diploma. Choosing yarn and colour combinations is always a good starting point and this week I got my colour inspiration from a cliff top view which I took photos of during the school run…


These photos were taken 24 hours apart! Thursday was beautiful and sunny but ever so windy whereas Friday (today) is calmer but pretty grey and damp. No wonder I get colour inspiration from the sea and coast and it was the gorgeous colours from Thursdays view that helped me to choose green and blue for my next sample…


This is a sample which needs to be a piece of two coloured Tunisian crochet based on stripes but removing the obvious linear look.


It’s taken me many attempts to come up with this piece! I’ll publish the pattern for it at some point. If you kept going it would actually make a nice scarf. I love the Scheepjes Stone Washed XL yarn that I’ve used here. It crochets up like a dream and is ever so soft and cosy.

And finally I’ve been crocheting a little something that I’m going to write up a pattern for so I’m only going to share a little teaser at the moment…


Gosh, when I look back over the week that’s a pretty decent amount of crochet I’ve managed to do! Thanks for sharing it with me… Happy Crocheting Everyone…

🙂 🙂



  1. Another lovely productive week. I’d never use a mug cosy either, but a cover for a jar for your hooks is an excellent plant. I may have to knit something similar. Love Rosina’s bag and the colours on your tease are calling me 🙂

      1. Absolutely! When I coached people who said they were going nowhere with what they were trying to achieve, I used to set them the exercise of writing down everything they’d done at the end of each day for a week. That way I figured they’s either recognise they were doing more than they thought towards what they were aiming for or see where they were putting the time if they weren’t. More often than not they were achieving way more than they gave themselves credit for. I guess it’s from them I learnt how important it is to do this sort of review, even when you think you’re doing okay 🙂

  2. Very Productive! Love the colourful jar wrap for your hooks, I felt the same way about a mug holder, so you’ve given me inspiration! Thank you 😀 Your Tunisian swatch is terrific, love the colours too, will look out for the pattern.

  3. Ooh, thanks for the mention. I just love the IG community!! Thank you so much for your help. xxx
    And I love your Tunisian crochet work. I never did get beyond the basics!!

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