Back to the Broomstick…

Having finished my lengthy blanket project it’s now time to get back to the broomstick crochet- a jacket/cardigan that I started a little while ago from a pattern by Stitch Diva Studios.


It took a little while to get used to the technique again but now I’m back into it and making progress – it’s really great to be doing a project that grows so quickly! I’m at the stage where I only need to add sleeves and the edging so I may even finish it this week. I took it down to the beach and managed to crochet while the children (and Salty) enjoyed the sea…


The school summer holidays have now started (I work term-time only so am very lucky to be joining my three children for a long summer break) and fellow blogger at Postcard From Gibraltar set herself a ‘summer craft challenge’ to do something crafty on every day of the school summer holidays. She invited anyone to join in so I have. This won’t be too hard for me as I pick up my crochet hook most days but it’s good to think about it and maybe try other crafts too.

On Day 1 I completed a craft job that I’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks. Remember the cushion I made for our garden bench which I shared in a blog post a few weeks ago?

Well, we had another bench and another piece of old foam so I set to making a second cushion and cover. First I cut the foam to size…


Then I measured, cut, pinned and finally sewed the fabric- such a quick project and the benches are now so comfy to sit on 🙂


I hope you are enjoying your summers (or winters) wherever you are and manage to enjoy some crochet (or any craft) too 🙂

By the way, I got the results back for my blanket from my assessor as part of the diploma course and got really great feedback with top marks, yay! I’m definitely getting there and the end of part 1 is in sight… 🙂



  1. Wow! The end of IDC part 1 in sight – you’re really powering through! Well done you! Those seat cushions are fab. Like the orange one especially…

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