My Finished Blanket…

It’s taken me exactly 7 weeks to finish this blanket. A blanket in just 3 colours which were inspired by the purple coastal flowers that cling to our local cliffs in spring. 7 weeks from picking up the 3mm hook and making those first chains (all 150 of them) to blocking and finishing it with a fur trim border.

It’s been a great project to further develop my crochet skills as I literally made it up as I went along using such a variety of stitch combinations.



I’m so pleased with the end result- it’s a small blanket which could be described as a ‘baby blanket’ but I’m going to call it a ‘lap blanket’ as it’s going to live on the side of our sofa ready to be draped over someone’s lap when a bit of cosiness is needed!


Would I use a 3 ply yarn and a 3mm hook for a blanket again? Probably not as it has taken me so many hours to finish!


However, this is gong to be submitted as one of my projects for the International Diploma in Crochet. I need to complete 4 projects in total, 2 of which  I have already submitted and the other being the broomstick cardigan that’s halfway through. This 4th and final project needed to incorporate elements of crochet that I didn’t mange to include in my other projects. It had to be a household item. It had to be in a 3ply or thinner yarn. It had to have a fashion yarn somewhere in the working… P1120957

Hence I chose a blanket in a 3 ply yarn. As for the fur trim border, I rather like it and the Rowan Fur is a quality fashion yarn that I loved working with.


We’re enjoying a bit of a heatwave in England at the moment so although it’s no weather for a blanket, taking these photos on the beach was fun. I turned my back for a moment and look- little Salty crept onto the blanket (a sure sign she likes it too!). At first I was “off, off” but then I told her to “stay” so I could take this photo!



Hope you like the blanket- thanks for looking at it with me. It’s back to the broomstick crochet now- I need to finish off the cardigan that I abandoned halfway through to crochet this blanket!

Happy Crocheting everyone 🙂



  1. Brilliant Eleonora! I love it! Didn’t realise it was in two-ply yarn – no wonder it has taken some time! I’m sure this is going to pass with flying colours and the use of the fashion yarn is a very clever finishing touch. Am hoping to send off my second project this week before we go on holiday for three weeks. Mine has a fashion yarn too. J 🌸🌸 x

  2. I love it that you made it up as you work on this blanket because that’s how I always work too. 🙂 The result is a fine heirloom piece – I’m sure you’ll get top marks!

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