My three most used crocheted items…

Just a quick post this week as I need to put any spare time (of which there is always so little) into crocheting my blanket 🙂

Rosina from the blog Zeens and Roger asked me via Instagram what my three most used crocheted items are in the house. This really got me thinking. As you all know, of course I love crochet, but items I crochet are sometimes for one off occasions or to give away as gifts and perhaps don’t get used very often.

So, I stopped and looked around…

My crocheted curtains, which I have mentioned before, hang in our kitchen so although not ‘used’ they are ever present in my daily life and our kitchen windows would seem quite bare without them…


These photos are taken from the outside looking in (note the raindrops on the window- summer where are you?!) These weren’t crocheted by me and as I have shared before were made by my Dutch Grandmother in the 1970’s

Next up are these crocheted pot holders which our teapot (which is used most days) sits on…


and finally a little coaster which I crocheted from a free kit in a magazine.


I crocheted a pair of these a few years ago – one has gone missing and I have no idea where it went but the remaining one just sits on our coffee table and gets mugs put on it all the time. It’s not my best crochet, it’s gradually lost its shape, is full of tea stains plus the original colour has faded, but it keeps getting used!

So there you have it, my three most used crocheted items in the house. Now if I ever get my blanket finished I’m sure that will enter into the top three. There’s a place on the sofa waiting for it and it will get draped across my lap for evermore- just need to get it finished!!

Happy crocheting everyone 🙂




  1. My most used crocheted item is definitely a blanket. Oh, and in the winter, a lopsided edged scarf for work (one of my first items, before I realised a few things about how to get straight edges!) Just goes to show, things don’t have to be perfect to get used!

  2. I don’t think a house is a home without some crochet, do you? It was the first thing I did when I got to my new home here 🙂 the curtains are so pretty and definitely something I want to learn.

  3. Mine are three blankets I have made, one for myself in 100% chunky wool and cost a fortune but you have to treat your self sometimes 🙂 the other two were for each of my two teenagers. My most used pattern by far though is for baby converse trainers, which I make for my customers over and over again 🙂 xx

  4. What a great question! I use a phone case (I have many) all the time at work. I use my hook cases daily and hopefully I’ll be using my new granny square sweater all the time come winter. 🙂

  5. Those curtains are amazing, I love a family treasure like that. My most used item has to be my coaster also. It has the added benefit of holding my stitch markers along the side as well! Great post.

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