Blanket progress and an old photo to share…

It was never going to be a quick project- this blanket in a 3 ply yarn and crocheted on a 3mm hook! But I really am enjoying it. As I am keen to get it finished I’m taking it everywhere with me and crocheting a row or two (or more) whenever I get the opportunity…


…so here I am at the weekend on a day out for my son’s 12th birthday waiting for a train at the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, crochet in hand. To my right is my Mother and to my left, my Daughter. Three generations 🙂

I’m not following a pattern and am simply making it up as I go along. Only three colours, but the possibilities seem endless. Of course I need to be careful with the stitch count on each row (making sure it’s 150 each time) and I am basing most stitch combinations on Trebles to help keep an even gauge.


There are rows of Popcorns, rows of V-stitch, rows of simple trebles and even rows of Filet crochet.


As this will be a project submission for the International Diploma in Crochet I will need to include a ‘Fashion yarn’ somewhere in the working. I have four full size projects to complete and one needed to include a fashion yarn- it seems it will need to be this one. Now I’m not a big fan of fashion yarns as they are often synthetic and for me lack a certain quality – that is until I came across this Rowan Fur…


It’s made from 97% wool and feels absolutely gorgeous! I really can’t wait to crochet with it and will be using it as a trim for the finished blanket.

Finally this week, I wanted to share a photo with you all that my aunt sent me in the post last week (she had found it during a sort out). It was taken in the summer of 1979…

Scan_20160621 (2)

This is my mother in our back garden at the time. If you look at the top window you can see my brother and I-  I was only 2 years old. And of course if you look at the ground floor window you can see the crocheted curtains (which are now hanging in my kitchen!). It’s not the prettiest of photographs but such an interesting and wonderful photo for me to look at. A moment in time captured-  no one posing , no one looking at the camera (except maybe me?) and I really love it!

Gosh, the weeks are flying by aren’t they!?

Happy crocheting Everyone 🙂




  1. What a fab photo! I spotted the crochet window hangings straight away and it’s so nice to know they’ve still got pride of place in your window nearly forty years later:)

  2. The blanket is in the colours you posted recently as being inspired by the coast, isn’t it? Looking fab – a very fair isle like quality about it. Funny how we simulateously enjoy working on a project, yet long to finish it.

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