More Filet Crochet…

Now that my Tunisian crochet shawl is finished, I’m keen to get going with the remainder of samples I need to submit for Part 1 of the International Diploma in Crochet. I was looking over my previous samples and notes over the weekend and was pleased to see that I have submitted 23 so far plus 2 projects. I still need to do 12 samples plus 2 full size projects so I’m gradually getting there!

I had two filet crochet samples to do – one a square of filet containing a motif of blocks and spaces, with a background of bars and lacets. The other a Vandyke, Castle or Scallop shaped edging in filet.

And here they are…


This is a square with a sailing boat motif on a background of bars and lacets. The bars and lacets create an open and airy fabric and crochets up quickly.


For the edging sample I decided to do a Vandyke edging and used a pattern from one of Pauline Turner’s books ‘Crochet Lace: Techniques, Patterns and Projects’.


It’s a pretty design and I think it’s a lovely edging that would look nice in so many places.


I really enjoy filet crochet. I’ve used very thin yarn and a 1.5mm hook but I’m sure it could be great with thicker yarn and a bigger hook – must try that one day!

Thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments on my Tunisian crochet shawl last week. I’ve sent it off and am still waiting to receive a mark and feedback.

Have a great week and Happy Crocheting Everyone, wherever you are… 🙂



    1. Hi Bekki, we are lucky to live near a stretch of beach that is very quiet and I am often the only person there! When I take my photos there’s usually no one else around so I don’t have to worry. You’ve made me realise just how lucky we are! 🙂 xx

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