A little bit of sewing…

We had a lovely Easter weekend (hope you all did too) but the whole family then came down with an unpleasant tummy bug. I didn’t even feel able to pick up my crochet hook so I must have been bad! So not much crochet to be able to share with you this week I’m afraid.

However, today I’m feeling a lot better and I did get out the sewing machine with my daughter. My Dutch aunt sent my daughter a lovely sewing kit in the post by a Dutch company called MikoDesign for her 10th birthday.


She had cut out the fabric pieces a little while ago but we hadn’t got round to sewing them together. Well today we did and it was a real pleasure to make. And seeing my daughter get involved in all aspects was a real joy. She helped to pin the fabric pieces, used the sewing machine (with guidance), turned the pieces inside out and stuffed the parts of the doll.


It has turned out so nice- a really delightful little doll!


The pieces sewed together so well. It really was a great quality sewing kit and I can highly recommend the company.


Now I must get that crochet hook out again and get back to it!

Happy Crocheting (or any kind of crafting) Everyone 🙂



  1. 💜What a lovely doll. Your daughter must be thrilled. How nice of your aunt to find a gift that will last a life time. 💜

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