No crochet but surprise surfers on our stretch of coast!

It’s been a lovely sunny start to the Easter weekend. Too nice to be indoors so down to the beach we went for a dog walk this morning. And we were so surprised to see a group of surfers in the sea- this is not a sight we see very often on our beaches in South East England. The timing and conditions must have come together so perfectly for them- the right weather, high tide at the right time of day plus a Bank Holiday off work to be able to enjoy it! It was so great to watch them and urge them on to catch the waves. I had my camera with me and took these photos that I wanted to share…



The weather forecast is not so good for the rest of the weekend so I might get some crochet done after all 😉

Hope you all have good Easter weekends wherever you are and whatever you do…

And if you get some crochet time… Enjoy it! 🙂



      1. I was married to a surfer once so I tend to notice the wrappings and surf patterns. 🙂 Living in Southern California I have a lot of respect for surfers in colder climates. Hoods…booties…it’s a whole thing! A devotion I haven’t yet picked up, but I understand it somehow.

      1. I’m kind of glad I’ve not been “bitten” by that particular surfing bug passion – it definitely looks dangerous much of the time. There’s a beach nearby with sets of wooden stairs to get up/down to it (I counted the steps once but forgot – maybe 5 sets of 40? A LOT.) In January sometimes the surf gets so crazy that it comes right up to the bottom step, leaving no beach. And those crazy surfers launch themselves right off that bottom step, despite the big rocks we usually walk around that are hidden in the waves at that moment. I’m much more of a “beach bunny” these days. 🙂

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